SOCOM: Confrontation
  • Did anybody else happen to catch the preview of SOCOM: Confrontation for PS3? It was on X-Play on G4 over the weekend (unless it was a rerun). Looks like they finally settled on a release date. least the month. This game has changed release dates more times than Ive seen any other game. September of 08 seems to be the final release month. As for the day, it wasn't mentioned. Now, you have heard me mention it here and there and know how excited I am about this upcoming game. After seeing the preview over the weekend, I was even more impressed. It seems that they are making it an ONLINE MULTIPLAYER game only. Yep, no single player campaign. Which makes sense considering the success of the SOCOM series. As good of a game that COD4 is, I still think that SOCOM had a better format to their online gaming. Host migration worked flawlessly and you got to choose what boards and who wanted to play with. It even has clan management. So yes, look forward to me yapping about this game in the future.

  • Didn't catch the preview i'm afraid, Nec. But i am looking forward to this game. I'm hoping they take it in the same direction as Warhawk, as in make it an option to download it off the PS Store (which i think is their plan?) and have it solely online multiplayer (which it is:D). I think this kind of format is what makes Warhawk so popular and it works so well, i think it will be great to do this with the Socom series too...:)

    I'll be seeing you on there Nec in September, dont you worry...;)
  • I cant believe that there arent more of you out there that are excited about this game. The SOCOM series had such a huge impact on the PS2 online gaming community. Just as much, if not more than the release of COD4 for the PS3. I sure hope that others join in because we still have four months of me blabbing about it. HAHAHA!! Hmmmm....I hope it doesnt let me down after talking it up like this. :huh:

  • Well it would be rare for people to be let down by all the hype on occasions.:g:

    I can truly say its looking good though, Nec. Cant wait to purchase it in a few months time. They have a website set up for it, which they add to frequently, by the way. May be worth a look...;)
  • Never really got into SOCOM, and i did not like Warhawk. Don't know why, it just didn't grab me like COD4.

    I may try the new SOCOM though, thats if Nec is willing to refund me the price if i don't like it, after all it's HIS hype machine thats running here!!!!

    What da ya say Nec?
  • I think we can all predict the answer to this one pokerdon...;)
  • Where's that mooning smiley at? haha
  • Yes, my "hype machine" is still running!!!

    With the announcment of this being released in October, I got all excited of being a SOCOM fan as you know. If you read the news section of this forum, you will note that you can be part of the "Beta release" which is on September 1st and will run through till the end of the month. Which you can be part of in a couple different ways. You could reserve a copy at any participating GameStop, pre-order online or purchase the 1st addition of Qore (which can be downloaded via PSN) Today, I went to GameStop at lunch and reserved my copy and asked about the beta. They said that they know about it but have yet to receive any of the codes that allow you to download and play the beta. :frown: They asked me to call them daily till they get them. can apparently share your code with 3 other people. When I get mine, I will post and the first 2 to PM me will get it. :p

  • There you go Nec, you don't have to refund me, just give me a free a copy!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This particular beta is North America only- the UK and Europe will be getting their shot later.

    As for the free copy, we can arrange something- may need to charge $59.99 for shipping, though! :p ;)
  • Be careful what you say Lyndon, thats still cheaper than th UK asking price !!!
  • Yeah, that's actually a great deal for us...:laugh: