• How do you get past the curse barrier behind the cannon at Wawku Shrine? I have destroyed the cannons and melted the wall to get the giant snow ball but I can't see what you do with it.
  • There should be two ice chunks in the room. Melt them and then you need to take one of the miniature trees in the room and jump with it to the right platform. Drop it there and bloom it to full size. Repeat this process with the second miniature tree and then a path will form leading to the ice ball. Now, you will need to blow that ice ball across the path with galestorm, it should then go onto a lever. An exercising arrow key will be revealed, this unlocks a chest in the northeast corner and the lockjaw a while back in the level.

    You will now need to melt the huge block of ice to create a spring, then use watersprout to create a tall geyser. Ride up it and jump off onto a platform. You will then encounter a long spiralling pathway, follow it and when you get to the end, tilt the camera until you see a cat statue. Make a paw print path, avoiding the icicles, and climb up. At the top, jump off the left to a new pathway.

    Good luck.:)
  • That isn't the bit I'm talking about. Further on outside you get to a ledge with four cannons which have to be fired in the right direction to destroy cannons on the other side of a gap, then you create ice platforms from the snow to cross the gap. There is another cannon which stops firing when you get close to the wall. I melted some snow stalagmites and a big snowball emerged. Behind the cannon is a cursed barrier, which I can't get past.
  • Take the cannon out using Veil of Mist and then power slashing its shots back at it and that barrier should go down.