GTA IV,is it a big let down?
  • Ive been playing this for about two days now and to be honest i don't think i am that impressed for starters i thought i was playing it on a PS3 not a PS2 the graphics are shocking i was reading something on game-pro that said the resolution was only 640p and the 360 was 720p WHY?
    another thing is that all the cars seem to drive around really slow which i find a bit annoying and the way things pop up as you are walking/driving around you don't even get that in burnout so why do you get it in this?
    the whole dating thing i found really boring, i presume you can skip this but its part of the game,the fighting is a bit on the lame side as well it takes about 10minutes to knock some one down by then Ive had enough.
    on a more positive note driving the cars is a lot better than in privies games but i find it hard not to crash into everything which gets very annoying after a bit plus the map is hard to follow,so maybe SFJP is right 7/10.
    what do you lot think??????? :)
  • Erm i take it you're playing it on an SD TV? Because on a HDTV it looks amazing, definitely 720p quality. I have to disagree with you strongly here, as i think the graphics in GTA IV are some of the best i've ever seen in a videogame.

    As for the cars driving around really slow, are we playing the same game here? I really get a feel for the speed once you accelerate through the streets. Its very realistic.
    As for the combat, i find this very enjoyable aswell. The gun combat in particular i find very exciting and satisfying (with free-aim not lock-on mostly). The hand-to-hand combat can get a little tiring after a while, but to be honest you can avoid it in most situations, and when you do fight with someone it isnt particularly boring.
    The dating and other 'side-missions' to the game can get a little tiresome if done very frequently, which they're not, but you do get the opportunity to skip most of them. And you can get through the game without them. These features do however, give you access to a lot of the great minigames in-game (i.e pool and bowling), so i have to disagree again, i enjoy the dating and friendship side of the game.

    Yes, the driving is excellent and very enjoyable. Adds a whole new dimension to the game, even though a little controversial at first.;) If you want tips on how to become a better driver in GTA IV, you may want to refer to the GTA IV super-guide we've set up. A lot of great tips and tricks in there....:)

    I would give the game a 9.5/10..It really is revolutionary, in my opinion...:D
  • Let's not forget the main storyline of the game where I think the focus of this game should be more geared to. Without it, there is no enjoyment in this game. Yes, there are some aspects of the game that get a little tedious but they are there for a reason. In my opinion, the driving takes a little getting used to. Once you lose are definitely hitting something. As for Steel's opinion on the slowness of the cars.. Some cars are faster than others but even in the slow ones, once you get going you are cruising pretty fast.
  • stellcity no offense, i havnt played gta4 yet, but i think you expect a little to much of games, they cant be perfect. But i do agree that bad draw distances really annoy me.
  • you may be right gladius i do expect a lot from the games probably to much,regarding the speed of the vehicles what i meant was not the ones you drive but the ones driving around the city,another thing is the sound of the cars is very tinny there's no roar to any of them ;).
    and im playing it on a HDTV.:)
  • ya i knew what u ment about cars but it is suppose to be a city. I should get a hdtv as well :( when the cable is pulged in on my tv it screws with the pitcure and dark like 2 inch lines come down from the screen.
  • I understand what you are saying steel, I have only played it for a few hours so i am not an expert.

    The graphics are good, the driving does take getting used to and the combat is much improved. As i said, it's early days for me yet, i will be back with the definative POKERDON review soon.

    Watch this
  • regarding the graphics,i think the cut scenes are the worst ones out of all they are shocking you must agree people ;) it cant just be me that thinks so.:D
  • Again, i still think the graphics in the cutscenes are very impressive. There all in-game so in regards to that, good Job Rockstar!

    If Rockstar didn't use in-game cutscenes i think it would take the player out of the story a little too much. GTA IV's style of play and it's story means you need to be able to jump right in and out of the story so i think they do the job in regards to that. You have to remember GTA IV's still a videogame not a movie....;)
  • don't get me wrong i like the cut scenes i think there very funny but i have seen better.;)
    on a more positive note the online play just ROCKS Ive played it for the first time to night and i even got to play with sfjp and a couple of others off of here and what a game it was no connection probs or anything.....great.:D
  • ya i noticed bad cutscenes things getting drawn in, and outlines wierding out and changing shades the whole time, graphics are nice in that they are much more realistic than the other games but overall not that impressive. I have been playing it a little while now and like it, but i hate how it is so dark in some places, i mean comon, just because there is a train above the street doesnt mean no light will get to the ground.
    Also, i think the fighting system sucks, the targetting is missed for fighting and everyone always just runs away.
  • ahahahahaha.
    excuse me what has happened. I know your not the type to follow the hype and false reports. gta was a rubish game it had a mildly intresting strory line then an ending that would be laughed at if it wasnt gta. Average game that deserves average scores 7-8 max. Multiplayer not really whAT YOUD call gripping eh. basic and lame.