• Hi All

    I managed to connect my PS3 online for the first time last night, very excited.

    I unfortunately for now have to connect with a crosswire cable through my Laptop with my 3G (USB Modem) and changing the IP manually etc.

    I am now connected and have played Need for Speed online / been to the store etc.

    However, when I load up COD and choose Multiplayer / online mode I get to the find game screen, I see myself obviously as Rank 1, I have 3 choices if I remember correctly (Free for all, team deathmatch and some other deathmatch), I chose one and nothing happens which ever one I chose, In the top right hand corner it carries on saying "Finding Match Quality" and then something else about searching . I can wait on this screen for 5 minutes with nothing else happening and then I quit back and try again.

    My questions:
    Does it always take this long to find a game?

    Is it something to do with just starting out?

    Is it something to do with NAT 3?

    Am I just being stupid?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • A part of the problem may be the CoD srevers themselves- they are a bit on the flaky side at times (okay, a lot on the flaky side).

    Connecting the way you are should have you in NAT 2, i would think, unless you have a firewall on your computer possibly blocking some things. All i can suggest is doublecheck some settings on there.
  • Thanks for the reply, someone else mentioned the servers might have been the problem so will retry this weekend.
  • Although the servers are bad at times. For the past few days, I have had no problems. Lyndon is right about checking your settings. Otherwise, there should be no reason for not connecting.

  • theres no real problems with the severs if your having issues put it doen to providers or local hardware.