Bullet proof patriot
  • I passed the "Get Ray to the Airport" mission. I went to the lock up to get his stash, pulled up to the door in the truck I was in to open the door and got the page "Take care of my bullet proof Patriot". So I grabbed the weapons then got back in my truck to drive it out of the ramp so it was out the way (only up to the sidewalk not far at all) then I ran back down the ramp to grab my score of a Patriot and it was gone.. gone. I can't believe it I only drove 10 feet and it vanished into thin air.
    Is there anyway to aquire this gem again or was that it and I'm just plain shi* out of luck.
    I was really looking forward to driving through uptown portland and not blowing up in 2 seconds...... oh well
  • you're just plain sh!t out of luck. The same thing happened to me in a different fashion. I tried to get it, but I used a tank to drive ray across the shoreshide lift bridge to make it quicker and I ran over the d@mn CIA. upon going to his lockup, I drove to the drive way and got the weapons, went back tpo the tank, backed it up and I went back to the garage, backed the patriot out but tank was still in the way, so I flamed the tank and when I turned around, no more patriot.
  • Unfortunately dgooden0 is right. Its one of the glitches of the game that the BP Patriot tends to disappear as if by magic. The first time i played the game mine disappeared from my garage in Staunton. One minute it was there looking all nice and shiny, the next time i opened the garage door........not a trace of it.

    I was more than a bit miffed i can tell ya!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have had cars disapear from my garage. So I consoled myself when the BP Patriot vanished by saying "it would have vanished sooner or later". But it didnt help I didnt even get to drive the thing. At thats alot of GTA3 to play over again just to try a bullet proof vehicle. That is one beef I have with this game, you have a cool car you get out of it to pick up something and the car your in goes off screen for a second and vanishes. So that sucks you grab another car drive a few blocks and some stupi* taxi you crashed a while ago is still siting in the middle of the road blocking traffic, but the car you wanted and only walked 5 feet away from vanished. Oh well add it to the glitch list.
  • After reading all these posts on the lose of the BF patriot I was a little worried about when I got to this point of the game. Well today was the day I got to Rays locked up stash.
    I did drive around the building before I found the ramp down to the lock up. After openning up the garage I did notice that I too had my car a little in the way.... I just moved it very little but not to far back... After getting out I was happy to see it had not disapeared on me.... :laugh3:

  • Evil, thats exactly what happened to me but luckily i aved just before 'get ray to airport' mission so i just done it again and wasn't as stupid that time round and got the BP Patriot and saved it in my garage.
  • I saved mine in my garage lastnight and I just hope when I get home tonight it is still there as I have not gotten to see its full potential yet.
  • i had to do that mision to get the type of patriot that i like. i tned to like the ind with the ful back end
  • Well I know longer have my BP patriot...
    I used it in the expesso 2 go mission and it took some hits and then I flipped it over... I had know choice, I had to grab what fast car I could find... as I had a lot of time left on the clock...
    To bad it wasn't in the export / inport job or I would just go to shoreside vale and get another one.... :cry:
  • Hmmmm I was wandering if I passed the mission and never opened the storage thing (I dont know how-Im stupid)
  • The mission is never fully complete until you open the garage and then Ray tells you that he'll see you in Miami. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • my B-P Patriot disappeared too, had to re-load and beat the mission again.
  • where can i find this BP Patriot? Never really pay much attention to what goes arond me