what i dont have & what should i buy?
  • hi there guys i will place a list of what i have & i need you all to help my choose a game i dont have & should i buy it for ps2.ok? here it is:

    1-nfs pro street
    2-nfs carbon
    3-pes 2008
    4-stuntman igntion
    6-call of duty3
    7-call of duty2: big red one
    8-medal of honor:van guard
    9-pirates of the caribbean at worlds end
    10-resident evil outbreak file 2
    11-resident evil code veronica x
    12-resident evil dead aim
    13-resident evil 4
    14-jet li:rise to honor
    15-raw danger
    16-naruto u chronicles2
    17-naruto shipodden accel 2
    18-naruto ultimate ninja
    19-naruto ultimate ninja 2
    20-heat seeker
    21-tokyo extreme racer drift2(kaido racer 2)
    22- 24 the game
    23-action replay max 16.2
    24-nfa most wanted
    25-nfs hot pursuit 2
    26-nfs underground 1
    27-nfs underground 2
    28-ape escape 3
    29-ape escape 2
    30- ace compat 4

    please if you find any that worth i buy it from any place for ps games tell me
    ok? please tell me right now becuse i will buy a game tonight ok?

  • Well i will definitely have to recommend any of the Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter series. True masterpieces!

    Some of my favourites are also, the Prince of Persia series, shadow of the colossus, the Grand Theft Auto's and final fantasy XII. I'm sure many other people will have some recommendations, there are so many great games on the PS2!...:D
  • I definitely can attest to the Ratchet & Clank series as well as the Jak games being well worth the cash (especialy as they are all in the Greatest Hits/ Platinum lineups now).

    If at all possible, find yourself a copy of Okami. It's a great adventure game with lots of play time, plenty of hidden goodies to collect and a very unique look/ play dynamic.
  • thank you lyndon m staff
    & rob c staff

    ill go buy it today
  • Make sure you come back and tell us what you think.;) Enjoy N.O.B....:)
  • red alert
    every bodys golf world tour
    ninja gaiden
    gran turismo prolougue
    bishi bashi special
    mortal kombat 2 or trilogy
    cod4 and new maps
    syphon filter
  • I'm afraid N.O.B. only has a PS2 at the moment i think Sam. So GT5: Prologue, CoD4, Ninja Gaiden and Everybody's Golf are out of the question...;)
  • hmmmmm.seems prince of persia is fun...oh and dont worry about the ps3
    games rob. when i get ps3 ill make sure i buy the games that sam choosed
    so seeya all pretty soon

  • OHH! i forget something i’ve cleared all of prince of persia exept warrior whithen or something like that or whatever.

  • Look forward to seeing you online on the PS3 soon then N.O.B.;)

    As for the Prince of Persia's, yes they are very fun! Some of the best games ever. And yes Warrior Within is the 2nd PS2 Prince of Persia title, it completely changed the style and experience that you got in Sands of Time but still, it proved to be just as good.:D Loved every second of it! It is very hard by the way N.O.B., you're in for a tough ride with that one...;)