• right i downloaded the car expansion parts for nfs pro street but i cant use them also i have downloaded cod 4 map pack and i cant use it any ideas plz ???????
  • Just to double check, you are playing both of these online correct?

    I'm not sure about the NFS one. (I dont have it)

    As for the COD4, you have to install the pack (and possible patch) after downloading. The maps are random when you play online so it's hit or miss to play in them unless you set up your own game.

  • i am online and when i go on a partyu it says i dnt have it. its stupid it downloaded and installed i dnt get it its f**d me over lol thanks but i dnt think thats y
  • Careful with the language.

    Are you in the US?
  • soz about language and im in uk
  • The steps i went through was as follows:

    1) Download Map pack

    2) Put game in and had to download a new patch

    3) Go into game and install it from the multiplayer menu.

    Thats it. At least thats how it was for me here in the US. You can always try and download it again. If you purchased it already, you can download it up to 4 more times so you might want to try again if you still cant get it to work.
  • thanks but where do u download it on multi player. soz im a bit slow lol
  • When you go to play online. Its in that menu. There should be somthing in there asking you to install.
  • thanks mate :)
  • Let us know how you make out. I'm trying to impress people here. ;)

  • jeers mate it help ed