PS3 wont read game are dvd's.
  • We went through menu and to set unit back to back to factory defaults,
    It came back up we went through all the menu instructions until we get the the prompt about setting internet connections. We try andd tell the game console we do not want to set the internet connections at this time, A message appears saying if we do not set the settings for the internet all new defaults and data will be not be saved. this game console has never been connected to the internet before. we have never connected a etherrnet cable to it. I bought it for my son for christmas. He plays games and blue ray dvd movies on it.
    after thinking we had reset to the original default we inserted a dvd. the systems acts like it is trying to read the disc. we see a message checking server and then a error message no ethernet cable detected.

    Please can anyone help with this issue.
  • :confused: Weird really really weird, my opinion is to give sony a call or buy a new hdd
  • I don't think a new hard drive would fix it but it would be worth the while to contact Sony's tech support. As the console is under a year old you are covered under warranty (if you still have proof of purchase) so if they feel it needs to be replaced they would send you a system free of charge as well as a postage-paid box to send your old system in.