• noticed a lot of people mentioning the PAL versions of PSx games.
  • Different countries have different versions of games. They are exactly the same game, just in a different 'format'.
    Japan has NTSC and Australia has PAL i'm not sure what america or Europe has, but i'm pretty sure Europe has PAL.
    You can't play a NTSC game on a PAL system, and you can't play a PAL game on an NTSC system.
    Occasionally, the 2 versions have different cheats, or there are some cheats that only one of the versions has.


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  • [b]PAL and NTSC are television standards,juggleknot.Games that are PAL will not work on an NTSC television,and vice versa.As KiLLa said,sometimes the PAL and NTSC versions will differ somewhat,using different codes,changed levels,etc.
  • oh, its the TV, not the console? well, you learn somethin every day.
  • Yep here is an overview, its about the screen refresh rate, note that they differ hor. and vert., also the number of lines and columns (screen format) differ.

  • Thanks squanto, you've really enlightened me on the subject. Now i'll know what i'm talking about when someone asks about PAL and NTSC.
  • thanks for the information. one more question related to this one:
  • You need an NTSC to PAL converter to do that. An analog converter should't be too expensive though.
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  • The simple answer is no... Your PS2 has a region code set to USA NTSC and all games have a region code burned onto the disk, so the PAL region-code on the disk would be rejected by your PS2 and it would not load up.

    Also for anyone interested we have a great guide to the PAL/NTSC thing at:


    ...there are some other great articles in this section too.

  • Wow thanks for the meaning!
    many of my freinds ask me what PAL and NTSC are but i cant answer them.

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  • Thanks Guys