Looks like I'm moving on...
  • ...in regards to where I work in my offline life (had you thinking i was leaving here a sec didn't I? ;) ).

    For those that didn't know, since June 1984 my main source of employment was a local seafood processing plant as a line worker. Pay was ok but the work itself could be a real back breaker some days. As for the people running the place, I have nothing bad to say about the current local managers (some of our past ones were complete idiots) but the way things were playing out the last couple of years, I felt the need to find something else.

    Starting next week I'll be starting at a local call center that does customer service in North America for Virgin Mobile cell phones (basic bits like new activations, billing, etc.). This will mean a bit less hours working per week (giving more time for here) but, being shift work, could make for some odd ball times for when i can get here. Still, it will make for some weekdays off to get regular stuff done.

    Anyhoo, here's hoping this works out- don't really fancy the idea of the possibility of going back to the fish plant. :eek:
  • Awww but gutting fishies looks so fun. In all seriousness though, congratulations Lyn. I don't imagine it could be too difficult to be a customer service employee.

    If I had Virgin mobile I'd call ya, but I'm part of the larger company...AT&T. Here's hoping it works out! Best of luck!:)
  • Lyndon,

    If your customer service skills are even close to the services you provide here, there is no doubt that it will work out for you.

    Good Luck..

  • Lyn, you really did have me worried there. Never do that again...;)

    Well, i must say a call center does sound a little easier-going than a fish plant, must have been a back breaker there Lyn i can imagine. I know a lot of friends involved in the call-center business, and even though a little dull at times i've heard, it looks Ok to me. Coffee and that nice warm desk await you Lyn. Good luck, you deserve it...:)
  • Some days have been hard on both the back and the head- I really wonder if the people that own the plant have a single clue about the biz. Still, I will miss most of the people there (some I can do without ;) ) and I do have some familiar faces at the call center that have enjoyed their time there so far and the thought of working less hours per week does have its appeal. B) It is year round full time so i won't have the full winters off like I did before but overall i won't mind that- there's never much worth watching on day time tv anyway! :p
  • mmm im with vodafone so wont get to ring and ask for you!! as all our call centres are abroad now you never know what country your ringing!!!

    I did call centre work for a while for a Gas comapny and it was OK - Hope it goes well Lyn!
  • You scared me, there! I had just posted a question on another thread (where you are answering all over the place) and then I saw this and thought, OH NO. I'd only learned one name (yours) & already you were going! But no, you are not, I see. Whew!!!!! Glad you're still here!
  • First day of the training session is under the belt- they gave us a good bit of stuff to go over including the various plans, phone models, etc. that we will be acting like we know about once we get to taking actual calls.

    Mostly today was filling out the various forms (there will never be a paperless society until every tree is cut down, i think) and watching a few slideshows/ movies along with the intro to the phones themselves. We actually got finished a bit early as they didn't have our temp passwords into the local network ready so we couldn't do anything on the computers. Ah well- guess we get into that tomorrow! B)
  • Sounds like u hd a good day lynn! I love 1st days at new jobs - how sad is that lol!!!

    Do you get free/cheap phones??
  • It has definitely been an interesting first 3 days. A lot of it is stuff we will simply learn from getting hands-on with the system (having some trouble getting the log-ins going for the simulators so we'll get into that next week). Still, things are being kept fairly light- we get all sorts of pics from our instructor on the projector showing somewhat embarrassing shots of family (she has a sister that works there too) and we're doing little fun things most days next week (games, a junk food pot luck, etc.).

    We don't get a free phone, per se, but they do give $50 off a phone after the 3 month probationary (just to be sure you'll be sticking around/ have the aptitude for it) and the employee plan gives $20/ month for the airtime- basically free, depending on the model phone you pick. A pretty good deal, I'd say.

    Anyhoo, off now until Monday at 8:30 (so much better than the 6 AM starts i have had at the plant) with 6 days of training to go. That brings up Canada Day (statutory holiday here) which we will have off and then regular shifts after that. I'm told the norm here is night shift (3:30 pm to 1:00 am) for the no0bs and eventually worked into our preferred times. Should be able to manage that, i think.