playstation 3 wireless connection setup
  • Hi there!

    I am seeking help as a beginner trying to set up my PS3 60GB to the Internet wirelessly for the first time.

    I read a description on how to go about it, but it still confused me.

    My set up at home is:

    Main telephone socket downstairs. (Just cordless phone coming from wall).

    Another phone socket upstairs with lead from that going to a wire USB modem to PC and another fixed telephone.

    My Internet is broadband.

    I have a TV downsatairs and one upstairs near to the PC which I use for PS3.

    I have a NETGEAR 54 Mbps Wireless ADSL Modem Router DG834G V3
    Which I am trying to set up. I can
  • [b]Considering that is a modem and router both you should be able to set up the Netgear and not have to use the USB modem at all. This may sound somewhat complicated but between you, me and your net provider tech support we should be able to get you through it. B)

    First step is to take the lead that is currently going into the USB modem and put that into the WLAN port on the back of the Netgear (it's on the left side when looking at the back). Now, run a small bit of ethernet cable from one of the other ports on the router to the ethernet port on the back of your computer. Finally, plug in the power adaptor for the router.

    Now to set up the router for your internet connection. You may want to contact your internet provider on that one as they will have to give you certain bits of information such as:

  • Hi again!

    I have managed to get my PS3 connected by ethernet cable.

    I really want it wirleless. My Netgear routers wirleless light is active and in internet settings on the PS3 under WLAN settings and I scan, I get signal strengh of 100%


    I then get the error message:

    error in connection and some numbers in brackets.

    Any ideas where im going wrong please?
  • It would help to know what the numbers are to be able to do a search for the meaning.

    When you do the scan, do you see anything under 'security' for that connection? It's possible there is encryption in place to make the wireless network secure from anyone trying to mooch access.
  • Hi,

    Under SECURITY i have WPA-PSK(TKIP).

    Under SSID i have a code I entered when I configured my router.

    Should I choose none under WLAN SECURITY SETTING? When i do that the message i get is as follows:

    A connection to the acsess point could not be established. Check the security settings for the wireless LAN. (8013013E)

  • SSiD is the name of the connection- this should match whatever the SSiD is called on the router itself (most likely default- you can check this in the router set up).

    What you will have to do is select the same security that it shows for that connection (WPA-PSK) and enter into the PS3 the pass key it needs to get permission to access the network. You can get this in your Security tab on the router set up.
  • I used the WEP key option and i is connected now!!! Is it okay to do it this way security wide??
  • I ment security wise...
  • If you are really wanting to keep your home network secure I would switch things back to WPA for the security- WEP has been proven to be near useless as an encryption standard. But, if security isn't that big a thing then leave things as is and enjoy the online play. B)
  • Thanks for all your help...

    I will try WPA..
  • I read this thread with interest. I, too, am having problems getting my wireless working. The PS3 finds my router okay, but can't make the final connection.

    I'm running with WEP security disabled, using instead the wireless card access list function of my Netgear router. I've enter the MAC code of my PS3 but still no go.

    Any suggestions as to why this isn't working??

  • How much signal are you getting, tosaman? You may not have enough to keep a connection going?

    You may want to look at the DHCP Address Reservation i pictured up above- adding the PS3's MAC Address there and setting a custom Ip address should help.

    Next thing to look at would be possibly port forwarding- the PlayStation network uses specific ports that are sometimes closed by default. The ones to open are:
    • TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    • UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, and 10070
  • Lyndon -- thanks for the quick reply. My signal strength usually shows around 65%, which should be enough. My apologies, but not be a techie, I don't quite understand the rest of your suggestions. If there is a DHCP graphic in one of your earlier postings, I can't display it now. I'm not dumb -- just a little slow on this kind of stuff. Again, thanks for the assistance.
  • It's all in the second post of this thread, tosa, along with how to get there in the netgear router settings. Once in to the router setting on your computer click on Wireless Settings and from there go to LAN IP Setup. In here is a place called Address Reservation- this is where you would set up a specific IP address just for the PS3 using the MAC address of it as an Identifier for the router's benefit.

    65% should normally be enough but the PS3's wifi card has proven to be a bit on the weak side- depending on how far away the router is from your system you may want to consider going wired or pick up a range extender to boost the signal.
  • Lyndon -- thanks alot. The Address Reservation suggestion worked! Signal strength seems to be enough. Now I just have to figure out how to start online gaming. Any "thread" suggestions that I should check out?? I currently have Madden 2008 and Tiger Woods Golf.
  • Have a look through the menus of the games, tosa- the online play is easy to spot. The game manuals give a good starter on getting online play under way.

    I will suggest checking out a couple of other games for online play in the future. A favorite of several of the regulars here is Call of Duty 4. You may also want to check out Warhawk and Burnout: Paradise.
  • I haven't even got far enough to begin the PS3 setup, I'm still sourcing my router. I have chosen the D-Link DIR-625 RangeBooster N Router and will also be installing the D-Link DWA-542 RangeBooster N Adapter into my PC. My question is: I see a lot of people on various forums are using the WEP security. The router I have chosen does not offer that, it only has the WPA and WPA2. Is this a problem? Should I select different products? I don't want to use the WEP security as it doesn't sound like much security at all. Thanks for helping! Lisa
  • If security is a concern for you then WPA/ WPA 2 is definitely the way to go. The PS3 can handle that with no problems.

    However, for the moment I would suggest not going with a wireless N router. The specs that manufacturers are using are still in the draft stages and are not finalized plus you would have no speed advantage with the PS3 (it uses 802.11G and 802.11 B ). The router would attempt to go backward to those standards.

    Instead, pick up a relatively inexpensive 802.11 G router such as the D-Link WBR- 2310 (currently $60 at Best Buy). You should be able to skip the wireless card in your computer and just use a bit of ethernet cable for its connection and use the wireless for the PS3. If you do want to go wireless with the PC as well, however, the D-Link WDA- 2320 card will work great with the router I suggest.
  • I didn't know I could connect a wireless router WITHOUT putting a wireless card into my PC. My understanding from HP was that I had to do that. I most certainly have zero interest in making my PC wireless. But I am also purchasing a laptop which comes with 802.11n already installed. So I figured that Wireless N was the way to go, so that the laptop can function as fast as possible. I do understand that the PS3 has the slower connectivity and won't use the Wireless N functionality. Sadly, I don't understand a word you said about skipping the wireless card in the computer & just using a bit of ethernet cable to connect (connect what?) and use the wireless for the PS3. I thought I had to put the wireless card into the PC in order for it to "talk" to the router and that the router goes on my desk after the cable modem. I'm also concerned about my wireless phone. It's 5.8GHz. Will the router or the PS3 interfere?
    I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that I should pay The Geek Squad to come and do this for me, methinks.
  • Your computer would have at least one ethernet port on the back (similar to a phone jack but a touch bigger). Just about all routers , even though they are called wireless, have several out ports for wired connections via ethernet cable. So, you could save yourself some cash and not buy the wireless card at all- instead, buy a short bit of regular CAT-5e ethernet cable to go between the router and your desktop computer. You definitely would need the wireless for the laptop- the adapter inside the computer should be able to work under 802.11 G as well, however, and your speed will still be limited to how fast your own internet connection is. The speed rates for wireless is more about data transfer between the two (router and things connecting to it).

    It's really not as hard as you are possibly thinking right now- I read up into this sort of thing a bit before making the router purchase so i would have a bit of an idea as to what i was doing. After that, it's all trial and error (yes, there was a bit of error in there the first time ;) ). The instructions that come with the router Quickstart guide will lead step-by-step on the set up and it only takes a few minutes to get running (mostly just involving putting in some details about your connection such as the type, username and password if needed, that sort of thing).

    You should have no problems regarding your cordless phone- most routers use 2.4 GHz. The PS3 will pose no problems either- it will simply pick up the wi-fi signal and attempt to get online that way when you want it to.
  • I've managed to connect my ps3 to the internet using my wireless router, and I'm now trying to share some files from my desktop.
    How do I pick up the media I have shared on my desktop though my network? I'm running xp, and on my network places on my desktop I don't see the ps3 as being on the network.

    Could anyone please provide a guide (step by step would be wonderful) on how to share files with the ps3?
    I called sony and they said I have to have a media server or something?
    I have never shared files on my home network before, so I'm a bit of a noobie at this. I have shared the internet with my work laptop, but because of the security settings on my work laptop, I can't add it to my home network.

  • Hi Lyndon:

    I just bought a 80GB PS3 to replace the 40GB, which was not working. The old PS3 wireless connection was setup by my son with the same D-Link DI-524. However, this time my son is not here, I have to do it myself. The wireless signal is 70% and I try to put the MAC and system name in the router as taught by you on the second post. But after I input 26-digit WEP keys, and press START, it always goes back to the WEP screen showing 8*. There is no error message and no connection. Does it mean I put the wrong keys or there is other reason?

    I try very carefully in inputting the keys. I even try to use a keyboard to input the keys. But the ENTER key is just an EDIT key. Can you also tell me which key in the keyboard is the same as START key?
  • When it shows the WEP Key screen again with the 8 '***' it means you've inputted the numbers correctly. All you need to do after that is press the right directional button to progress further on through the settings.
  • Hello everyone,

    I have a Netgear router and comcast high speed internet as my provider.

    Threw my PS3 I get an internet connection and i am able to browse the browser on my PS3. I even able to perform internet connection test and everything comes out connected and online. my Ps3 picks up my router and connection just fine. My security is Wpa-personal is this stopping me from connecting PSN if so what should i do to fix this..??

    the problem comes in when i try to proceed to connect to PSN to create a user account the welcome screen comes up and as i try to connect it loads for a while and then says "Server connection timed out" I cant even get past the welcoming screen.

    Please help
    call of duty is calling me.
  • Hi there,

    Im having the exact same problem.

    Have had my PS3 since the sdummer and have never had any problem accessing the PSN - have played online and purchased loads of stuff from the store.

    About 2 weeks ago or so I can no longer get into the PSN - I get the same connection timed out message.

    Weird thing is I can use the web browser to go online and when I go into netweok setting I am fully connected with 100% signal strength.

    Im on Sky Broadband, wirelessly with a netgear router - is it something to do with either sky or netgear?
  • Try power cycling the router, jay. That would clear any settings problems or errors that may be there and may be stopping you signing in.
  • Thanks Rob!

    Who'd have thought it'd be that simple?!

    I'd reset the router 3 or 4 times but turning it off at the mains seems to have done the trick!
  • Hi there I really need some help setting up my PS3 Wireless connection. When I try to set up my wirelsess network for my PS3 I continue to get a ERROR CODE of 8001000B connection failure. Ive tried teh previous thins that were metioned in thes thread but to no evail. Can someone please help. My signal strength is 80% but everytime I run the test it says Connection Failure 8001000B. Any help would be great. I did have this setup through a wired connection about a year ago, but have never used it since. Now I got wireless router and would like to run it that way.....
  • Welok, that error is possibly due to the MAC Address not being correct or allowed through. If you haven't yet, add your PS3's MAC Address to the "allowed" list on the router. You may also want to make sure if you have the wireless encryption key correct if you are using that.
  • Hi. I am trying to connect to the internet with my PS3. I have a wireless card that I use with my laptop. Can I use that with my PS3, and if not, can I use my computer to connect to the internet and then connect my PS3 to my computer?
  • You can go at it with the computer acting as the PS3's gateway. You would have to turn on internet connection sharing on the laptop then connect it to the PS3 using ethernet cable (the ps3 would not be able to pick up the card). Then, set up the PS3 for a wired connection.
  • hey Lyndon M STAFF
    i got a ps3 and trying to set up my network connection via my wireless router
    the ps3 finds my router with signal strength 90%
    i do WPA-PSK/WPA2-psk
    i type in my WPA key then set my IP -automatic DHCP-do not set DNS-Automatic MTU automatic Proxy server-do no use UPNP-enable
    Then i save settings Then it comes up with the key info exchange timed out
    Please help asp
  • Doublecheck to make sure you have the key in the PS3 correctly- sounds like there is a mistake there some place. I still recommend geting as much info out of the router settings as you can and put those in the PS3 manually instead of relying on automatic.
  • any specific 1 i should be doing and automatic
    are u meaning like my ip address sorry but i have no idea how to get it if this help i have a netgear router
  • I meant make absolutely sure you have the WPA key in exactly as you have in the router- the key info exchange timing out makes me wonder if there is a mistake in your PS3's settings for that.

    As for the rest, if your router allows it definitely set up a reserved IP address for the PS3 and add that to the settings as well as entering the router's IP address, the subnet mask and the DNS server addresses.
  • i have this thing on my wireless properties
    saying allow other network users to connect through this connection
    with a tick box next to it do u think that might do if i tick it
    cheers for replying
  • That should help- it would allow other devices to connect via the router.

    The other suggestions I put above should help as well. You may also want to look into the port forwarding- the ports needed are listed in the pinned thread at the top of this section along with a link to port forward, a site that lists the how-to for almost every router in existence.
  • Hi Guys,
    i went away for the bank holiday weekend and took my PS3 with me on my return today i have plugged it in and cant get online, i just get a message saying it is a DNS error and a code of 80710102, does anybody know what this is?
    my internet is working fine and i am also able to use the browser on the PS3 just unable to play games online or sign in on my psn account. i have tried deleting all my network settings and to enter them again but im having the same issues, on the connection test it retrieves the IP address but then fails with the log in after that. any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    ps- i have a netgear and my ISP is Sky.
  • Hey Lyndon, I need some help
    Ok so here's the deal. I have had PSN for many months now and no problems have occured. but last sunday I was trying to sign in and it told me to go to Network Settings and do that stuff so i retyped everything (which i usually do when that happens) and after i try to connect it says somthing like Could connect to access point and establish connection ( or something sorry i forget it). Please check your WLAN settings. So now every time i try to retype everything It doesn't work. I know the SSID is Fine ,it's just the WPA is not working for me,and it's so frustrating because it was working a week ago.

    Please help.
    Thank you
    Smartdude :confused:
  • Hey Lyndon, I need some help
    Ok so here's the deal. I have had PSN for many months now and no problems have occured. but last sunday I was trying to sign in and it told me to go to Network Settings and do that stuff so i retyped everything (which i usually do when that happens) and after i try to connect it says somthing like Could connect to access point and establish connection ( or something sorry i forget it). Please check your WLAN settings. So now every time i try to retype everything It doesn't work. I know the SSID is Fine ,it's just the WPA is not working for me,and it's so frustrating because it was working a week ago.

    Please help.
    Thank you
    Smartdude :confused:
  • Hey guys,

    Yeah, im looking for help setting up my ps3 (40GB ) wireless. At the moment i have been using it as wired because the ethernet cable reaches the 'Speedtouch' internet thingo we have. But I can only ever use it when no-one wants to go on the internet because it disconnects the internet for the computers wired around the house.:(

    Ive been trying to get wireless but whenever i finish the setup for the wireless, once ive scanned and found my wireless internet thingo (signal 100%) and entered my WAP-PSK key code (which im confident is right) it goes to the connection test and it always times out trying to obtain ip address and key information :( im wondering if anyone could help out.

    I have a Netgear Prosafe 802.11g Wireless Firewall/Print Server MODEL - FWG114P - (Broadband internet)

    We have internet wired around the house with a computer in the office, with the ps3 in the next room. We have wireless but we dont use it for computers, we use it for laptop which seems to work fine.

    Please Help

  • Sounds like you may not have your pass key right in the PS3's settings, do a doublecheck of that. Also, you may want to add the PS3's MAC Address into the router's list of allowed devices.
  • Hi, i have just moved house and need to setup my wireless internet again so i can play online, so i did what i did last time and i found the ssid and joined it using the wpa password i have and that worked then i got to the ip address setting and i knew the ip address but i didnt know the stuff at the bottom like the dns number so i chose automatic for that one and all the rest as well and when i did the connection test it failed at the key echange step at the begining. Please help cause i dont know what to do
  • Pete, you may have a typo in your encryption key on the PS3's settings, you'll want to doublecheck this. Also, you'll find the correct DNS server addresses in the router itself.
  • Hi, i checked my encryption spelling like lindon told me to in another post but i cant find the dns number on the router cause my test allways dails at the first stage of the test. Please help
  • In the router settings you should find the DNS server addresses on a summary or connection page. Look for DNS1 and DNS 2.
  • I have checked in the hubs settings and have found some extra numbers including a primary dns number but some are not there and even after i put in the vital ones it still failed at the key echange step at the start of the test. It said that it timed out.
  • Hi Lyndon, i have a PS3 but can't connect to the internet, it keeps obtaining my IP address ok, but it won't pick up my internet conection. DNS 80710102 error. I'm doing it wirelessly through a Belkin router (802.11g). I have triple checked my WAP key. I have put in my IP DNS settings and also let it do it automatically. I have read many threads on many forums and have tried all the ideas others have given. My PS3 has 100% signal strength. It connected once but then never again. I'm running out of ideas, any help would be good thanks, getting bord of playing COD4 by myself.
  • Ok question.

    Could you set up an add hoc wireless network with a laptop and contect PS3's through it for system link? I am in Iraq right now and the interent isnt high speed enough for us to use that. And i have enough routers at home and would rather not buy more. Does any one know if it is possible to do this?
  • hey,
    i have just went with AOL brodband and they have supplyed me with a D-Link router (DSL-2640R) the router is working fine and am gettin a signal to my PS3 as i can access we browser but wen a try to sign into playstation network it times out any ideas how to fix this
    p.s i have switched of my router restarted it etc but dosent seem to fix problem.
  • was wondering anyone know how to system link 2 ps3's?
  • I just bought a ps3 (250 GB ) I have a linksys router
    its says 54mps 2.4 GHz
    I have a laptop that I have connected without a problem. The ps3 gives me a timeout message whenever I try to connect wireless. It scans and finds the router and says signal strength 100%. However it still gives me an timeout trying to get ip address.
  • Menardi said:
    was wondering anyone know how to system link 2 ps3's?

    Courtesy of one of AP's members: dmadman72

    This may seem scary to some but trust me it's easy.

    This is my set-up for my linksys wrt54gs router. This process should work on any router

    The first thing to do is access your router, Find Local network ( status is where I found it on my router)

    Next look for "start ip address. Mine is XXX.XXX.1.100. That left me XXX.XXX.1.2 to XXX.XXX.1.99 to use for a static ip.(DO NOT USE XXX.XXX.1.1 as that is your router.)

    Next turn on your PS3 and go to settings, network settings, internet connection settings.

    Next chose custom in the setting method.

    Wired or wireless? what ever you are set up for.

    Select the operation mode of the network device. Manual settings is what you want

    100BASE-TX Half-Duplex is what I choose

    IP address setting. Select manual.

    here is what I have for playstation 3 #1.

    IP Address, XXX.XXX.1.5
    Subnet Mask,
    Default router, XXX.XXX.1.1
    Primary DNS, XXX.XXX.1.1
    Secondary dns,

    here are my settings for playstation3 #2

    IP Address, XXX.XXX.1.6
    Subnet Mask,
    Default router, XXX.XXX.1.1
    Primary DNS, XXX.XXX.1.1
    Secondary dns,

    here are my settings for playstation3 #3

    IP Address, XXX.XXX.1.7
    Subnet Mask,
    Default router, XXX.XXX.1.1
    Primary DNS, XXX.XXX.1.1
    Secondary dns,

    the only thing that changes is the last number in the IP address.

    MTU, I chose manual just to make sure it was set at 1500.

    Proxy server, Do Not Use

    UPnP, I chose enable

    You will now come to a screen to that shows all the info you have input. Double check to make sure that everything looks good. Now press X to save settings

    Press X to test conection.

    you have just enabled your self to use all your ps3's on line.

    If in the event you get stuck you can all ways just go back and select Easy in the settings method. I will get you to where you were before you started. If you have any questions just ask away.
  • I realise this thread is old so hoping like h*** to get a reply.

    Just brought a ps3 250gb console.

    ATM only have a laptop, which is online via a USB T-stick(brand) modem.

    When I brought the PS3, I thought hmm, the ps3 is wireless, the laptop is wireless, why not just share the internet connection, and hey presto! Wrong.

    I'll start from what I've tried, and then list problems I've uncovered.

    First I setup an AD-hoc wireless, and tried to get the PS3 to scan for it, couldnt see it. So I typed in all details except IP address (come on it should figure this out) and it still didn't work (had correct SSID and WEP key)

    Second I LAN'd a wireless router, which the ps3 detected and successfully connected to, I tried to both share my internet connection, and specifically set my network settings to share from usb modem, to LAN. it connects to router, not internet.

    Third I tried to connect laptop to WAN port on router, hoping it would bypass the fact that the computer is between the router and the modem, and shared everything etc, still no internet on ps3.

    Fourth I tried having the router connected to the ps3 and sharing the usb modem internet over wireless, this didnt work either.

    A big issue is that the ps3 cannot detect my ad-hoc and yet my wireless mobile phone can.

    Another big issue is I do not connect/disconnect my internet from start/connect to/ etc because it has its own software which obtains the connection. (prepaid internet). So when I share the connection (TelecomData) in network connections, it only shares until I disconnect, and which point the connection vanishes, until I connect again and its not being shared anymore. If I try to setup a connection with same name and parameters, the software that USUALLY connects it to the net, has a big spaz at me.

    Tried to LAN the PS3 to the laptop, and share the internet connection (last resort as I EXPECTED it to work, but dont want to do that) and it didnt work!

    I give up!!

    I even tried plugging my usb modem into the ps3. the stupid thing didnt work!!

    It sucks because I KNOW that if I had a broadband modem through the phone line, that the wireless network through the router would work. But due to credit ratings etc I don't have this option, and I am stuck with my damn (but very impressive) T-stick.

    On a side note, I get a 8gb wireless prepaid plan for a better price than I could get a wired broadband connection, and I don't want a telephone line so Im not going away from the T-stick.

    Oh playstation Gods, do you think you can help?
  • First off, to share your internet stick you'll need to connect the PS3 to your laptop using crossover ethernet cable then set up internet connection sharing on the laptop (a Google search will soon get the step-by-step on that).
  • Uh thanks, that wasn't helpful at all =/
  • Sorry but the method you are trying to use is, to be honest, a pain in the butt to get working and some internet sticks just won't do it no matter what settings you tweak.
  • Yes it seems this is the case, if my internet showed up under the right category I would be fine, bridge between Net & Wireless & I'm away, but it shows up under dialup so I give up.
  • Whenever I test my connection, It fails to connect to the IP adress, I have a dlink WBR-2310 router and I have played online without problems for months. But today, it just won't work, and I haven't the slightest idea why.
    Please help!
  • Alvin, try giving your modem and router a power cycle, they may just need a resetting. Pull the power from both, wait 30 seconds then plug in the modem. Once it shows normal, plug in the router again. Once it shows normal give another go with online.
  • Thanks, I did what you said and it started to work again.
  • Hello,

    I've had my PS3 connected to the internet via a wireless connection (BT HomeHub) with a signal strength 100%.

    But this evening it has just cut off and won't allow me to connect, keps saying internet connection timed out even though I tried to reset the connection by updating the settings and putting wireless key back in but it just won't find an IP address.

    I'm really confused as it was working fine then just stopped, and the PS3 can pick up my router no problem.

    Any help would be great! Cheers!
  • What type of internet are you using and are you using vista or xp or something else?
  • heyy, umm i'm just woundering why my ps3 connects successfully but like 15 minutes after it just signs me out, i can keep signing in but it keeps signing out on it's own so i can't play online or anything ?!? any ideas why !?
  • We have a Comcast wireless set-up, and we can't seem to get a stable connection so that we can access the internet.Not sure when the problem begins, or resides, but we get an error message and it "times out" almost instantaneously when we try any web connections.

    We have both Wii and PS3 hooked up through a switch: the Wii was able to go wireless for playing others on the internet, without any problems. The PS3 can't?

  • This is to both Thebeau and dogd- how far away is the router from the PS3? If far enough away it could be the wi-fi card isn't picking up enough signal (the card in the PS3 is, admittedly, not the best). If close enough you may want to try connecting via ethernet cable.

    You also may want to check the port forwarding- you'll see the ports needed in the pinned thread at the top of this section.
  • i checked that already the router is close enough to my ps3 the signal is alwayz up to 70% or more .. but it just keeps signing me out on it's own :s .. after i posted my thread yesterday it started working perfectly all night but then i turned it on this morning and it started doing it again ?!?! i just don't understand why it would work perfectly then just stoped randomly ???
  • 70% isn't the best amount of signal, to be honest- it sounds to me like the wi-fi is being dropped by the PS3. Of course, it's also possible that the problem is due to maybe too much traffic on your provider's pipeline (which died down during that bit you had clear sailing) or someone else is connecting and using enough bandwidth to throw your connection off.

    Are you maybe close enough to the router to try a wired connection as an experiment to see if things improve?
  • yeah i guess you were right .. but now the signal is still at 78% and it works just fine, i also tryed it wired and it also worked just fine ! thanks for the help bro !
  • I haven't tried your 'solution' yet (will when I get home), but as I was trying to make it work, I did notice that we had either 100% or 93% wireless power.. Does that still suggest the answer might be its not picking up/or dropping the signal?
  • 93 to 100 is about as good as one can expect, dogd. Still, it is possible that it may be having small drops enough to make for momentary lapses. This is why we usually recommend using a wired connection when possible as it keeps the service level consistent.
  • I am trying to hook my new PS3 up to the network using a U.S. cellular Wireless internet stick, model UM185-wireless mobile broadband USB modem. i have looked at several posts on other sites, and know of people who have been able to do so.i do not know what i am doing wrong and it is getting quite frustrating. :frown: i am not sure what else to do. if you could guide me, that would be great.

    Specialist Hasin Sleep
    United States Army
  • To get online with a mobile broadband stick you need to run ethernet cable between a computer and the PS3 then enable internet connection sharing on the computer. It won't see the connection if you are plugging directly into the PS3.

    Honestly, I would not recommend using a mobile broadband stick. They have been very problematic to set up (as you have found) and, if you do not have an unlimited data plan, will soon find yourself using up your quota.

    As for your other question in the Customer Service section, the only way to get the game updates is for the game itself to download them when you fire it up. They are not made available to download via PC to a jump/ thumb drive to transfer to PS3.
  • When we turn it on to use it tells us that we have been signed out of playstation network and it gives us a error code internet connection, it says that we are signed out...:(
  • Dan, most of the advice I could give has already been done in this portion of the forums. That code basically means it isn't getting the internet settings it wants/ needs. Try setting up with everything you can put in manually (DNS servers, subnet mask, router IP address), all of which can be had in your router settings.

    PSN is currently down, by the way, so once you are online you still won't be able to sign up for PSN. Details are in the announcement at the top of every section of the forums as to why its down.

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