Simpsons Hit & Run
  • Hello, Me & my brother were entering cheats from a cheat book at the options menu and one of the cheats was just plain useless and annoying. It made the screen all blurry and red and white lines all over the screen. We can't figure out how to get rid of it... can you please help us?

    Also, we entered in the one that unlocks all the cars and it didn't work?

    Thanks heaps.
  • Have you tried quitting out of the game and then restart from your last save?
  • Thanks, that worked but we still can't find out why the unlock all cars one doesn't work

  • Probably a fake, maybe...? If it's making your PS2 act up like that- i wouldnt keep trying it...!;)

    The unlock all cars cheat code is:

    You have to have completed the game once. Load up your completed save, enter the options menu and hold L1 and R1 and enter X, O, X, O. You should then hear a noise confirming the cheat has worked. Select new game and you will have all cars....:)

    This is the official unlock all cars cheat. If your version is different, that's why you've had a problem.
  • Thanks, My brother doesn't want to do it since you have to start a new game but thanks anyway