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  • Could you give me a bit more details about where exactly in the level you are (at the beginning, inside the shield generator, etc.)?
  • I reach Leia's prison cell but there is a force field imprisoning her. It is Chewie, Luke, and Han and they cannot use the force. We separated from Ben near the beginning of the chapter---are we supposed to rendez-vous with Ben and if so is it before or after finding Leia?

    We killed the stormtroopers in the sauna, found the bombs in the tractor near the beginning of the chapter, found the guns and shot down the enemy fighters, etc--was there something else that I was supposed to knock out, I backed tracked and destroyed pretty much everything I could find getting about 60,000 points?
  • Near the end of chapter 4 "Rescue The Princess", there should be a pair of levers nearby the cell the princess is in- have both Han an Luke pull them down to open the cell.

    As for finding all the studs, don't forget to blast all the walls and panels after enemies are cleared out- plenty of them are to be had this way.
  • rgingrich:

    To release the Princess you need to stand on the buttons on the floor to release the force field. If you are playing with two players you need to stand on the buttons at the same time, if your playing a single player game you need to stand on the button until the cpu player stands on the other button. Once you do this it will cut to a movie and the level is done.


    Like Lyndon said if you could give us some more details we could definitely help you out.
  • I am in the last hangar with the Millenium Falcon. I have done the following:

    1. Released R2 and CP30
    2. Had R2 open two control panels
    3. Dropped a grappling platform and gone to a second level and pulled a lever
    4. Driven the hover craft over the green lights
    5. Killed all of the storm troopers and opened the storm trooper panel but all that happened is some giant trophy cup popped out but didn't do anything other than spit out some points? Is this supposed to be useful because it doesn't move?
    6. shot out a pipe which lifted a steam draft
    7. randomly shot what appeared to be a pully on the second level (by wheret Ben and Darth Vader are having their battle) it dropped to the second level but nothing else happened
    8. I have randomly attempted to shoot things on the second level but can't get the virtual people to shoot high enough to reach the second level to hit anything else if this is what I need to do
    9. There is a platform above the millenium falcon with bounty hunter circle I think (the green one) and what appear to be another control panels for the droids
    10. How do I get them up to the other level if this is what I need to do?
    The only other thing that I have been trying is to get all of them to stand on the green squares-the hover craft already opened them up--three of the four lights above the falcon are now green--but as soon as I get four of them on one the last character moves off

    What is the last thing I need to do to finish this level?
  • Never mind the previous post. I figure it out althought this seemed pretty random solution to the problem
  • Maybe I'm just an idiot but when something is glowing red in a level, how do you get inside of it. This is something that I cannot figure out.
  • Get close to a vehicle and, if it is a character that can drive it, hit triangle to jump in.
  • That's not what I mean. Like when a grate is glowing with red sparkles. How do you get inside of that or open it to get what's inside? I know I'm missing minikits b/c I can't seem to get those open. Thx
  • Objects that are glowing red can only manipulated by dark force users, objects glowing blue can be manipulated by all force users. You can only use dark force in free play mode except for Episode VI chapter 5 when you are fighting the Emperor as Luke and Vader.
  • How do you become a dark force user?
  • How do you destroy the red wall? I have blown up the white walls. I have killed about a million AT-AT's and hit the red wall probably fifty times but it does not do any damage when I roll the bomb and directly hit it even when I have killed the little black things and there is nothing else attached to the tow rope.

    What am I missing?
  • You'll have to do this in Free Play mode, jcopelin, using a character you bought or unlocked.

    That red wall is not destroy-able in story mode, rgingrich. In Free Play when you get to the tie fighter checkpoint quickly switch to a TIE- type ship to trigger it and the door will open. You ca then switch back to whatever ship you like.
  • we are stuck in cloud city. we have one more mini-kit to go. please help. in the room with the large round platform (where Han Solo was carbonized) where you fight Vader (and r2d2 "vents" him). It shows a mini-kit in the hole where Han was carbonized, how do you make it appear? we can not figure it out. thanx.
  • Once Vader leaves two Stormtroopers will show up. Shoot one of them and drop the other one in the carbon freeze chamber using the crane. I can't remember if you need to activate the switch with dark force to get the minikit though. If you do then it can only be done if free play mode.

    Good luck.
  • I am stuck on a platform just after Darth Vader fled the room with the high vents and the two astromech panels. There is a narrow stairway and we are on a platform across from another platform where two storm troopers keep shooting at Luke and R2. Darth Vader is behind them doing nothing. We destroyed the one other thing on the platform releasing a minikit. Luke keeps deflecting their blasts and killing them sometimes doing a double shot that appears to kill both of them simultaneously. Luke cannot jump the gap and R2 cannot hover over it.

    What should I be doing?
  • R2 should be able to hover to the astromech locks- operating these will lock the two doors the troopers come from, ending the constant attack. vader will then start throwing things at you using the Force- once they get past halfway to you use the Force yourself to throw them back at him. After he's hit a couple of time Vader will come to you for a fight. After a couple of hits he'll go back and the process is repeated. Once vader is out of hearts you still have to get to the point where you Force back the things he throws, only instead of hitting him it smashes a window and he jumps through. Build a ramp out of the broken glass using the Force and go after him.
  • In the room where R2 and CP30 are floating in tanks.

    How do you release them?
    I've destroyed everything in the areas built two robots and released the four floor panels which move one robot around a track vertically and horizontally. The other robot who has two feet and the forced can be used on will jump n the robot on the track if the forced is used but I cannot figure out what it does. I have pushed in on the four buttons but it does not seem to turn them green.

    What should I do next?
  • Can you pinpoint the episode and chapter for me on that one, rgingrich?
  • Episode 6: Chapter 1--they are in a room with Luke, Chewbacca, Leia--they need to release R2 and CP30 who are in tanks--it is about the third fade just after the prisoner area and the 6th cannister.

    In the room where R2 and CP30 are floating in tanks.

    How do you release them?
    I've destroyed everything in the areas built two robots and released the four floor panels which move one robot around a track vertically and horizontally. The other robot who has two feet and the forced can be used on will jump n the robot on the track if the forced is used but I cannot figure out what it does. I have pushed in on the four buttons but it does not seem to turn them green.

    What should I do next?
  • Use the force on the wall panel on the left in the room where the droids are and use the blocks to make a platform. Now, on the right side of the room you will find two levers- pull these to get blocks to make into four buttons. These will control the platform you made. Move the platform to the upper left corner and doublejump from that into Threepio's cell. This will create enough weight to lower the floor and let both of you out. Do the same thing to get R2 out of his pen.
  • I purchased invincibility with power brick 5 however my characters still lose studs when they fall in a pit. I was doing this in free play mode. Does invincibility only work in story mode or on particular characters. I am playing with my 5 year old daughter and we keep killing each other or falling into pits so this would be a nice thing to have had. By the way this is a tremendously helpful site for parents with children whose only prior "video game" experience was pong in the 70's.
  • Invincibility still won't protect you from the pits. It does protect from the blaster shots/ lightsaber slashes, explosions, etc..
  • We still keep getting killed by explosions, blaster shots, etc. even though we bought invincibility. Is there a button that we are supposed to use in order to activate this application?
  • Had to dig around the LucasArts site for this- the power bricks do have to be activated every time you play the game. You should be able to do this in th menu when you pause the game, if memory serves (i don't have the game any more).
  • Hi, my six year old needs help in the Hoth Battle sequence. He needs the last minikit and gold brick but cannot find them. These are the last things he needs to complete the entire game. Please help! It's driving both of us nuts! :eek:
  • Here is a list of the minikit locations for that level- this should help you figure out which one he is missing:

    Minikit Canister #1: Inside the TIE Fighter checkpoint to the left at the
    start of the chapter, fly to the end and destroy the
    grey Lego mound among the rocks to receive the

    Minikit Canister #2: At the end of the area behind the first TIE Fighter
    checkpoint, to the left of the starting position, use
    a rolling bomb to destroy the white barrier and fly
    into the cave behind it. Destroy three AT-ST's and
    three Imperial snow cycles to receive the canister.

    Minikit Canister #3: In the starting area, pull over ten AT-ST's by
    hooking them with your tow cable and flying straight
    away. After you down the tenth, the canister will
    appear at the end of the path.

    Minikit Canister #4: In the starting area, behind the second white barrier
    wall, the canister is inside a pod. Shoot it to win

    Minikit Canister #5: Past the first AT-AT, enter the TIE Fighter
    checkpoint. Enter the cave at the back. Halfway up
    the tunnel, the canister is in a white pod on the
    left side.

    Minikit Canister #6: Out the other side of the tunnel listed just above,
    the canister is inside a grey Lego mound to the left
    of the tunnel exit.

    Minikit Canister #7: In the first area with AT-AT's, pull over ten AT-ST's
    with your tow cable to receive the canister at the
    end of the path.

    Minikit Canister #8: Where there are two shallow pits on either side of
    the exit, in the second area, there is a white pod
    tucked in the right edge of the right pit. Shoot it
    to receive the canister.

    Minikit Canister #9: In the final arena, to the left of the start, the
    middle of three grey Lego mounds holds the canister.

    Minikit Canister #10: In the final arena, just above one of the rolling
    bomb dispensers, the middle of three grey Lego
    mounds holds the canister.

    As for the power brick, enter the TIE fighter checkpoint just past the first AT-AT. Go through the tunnel at the back to the second clearing and drag a bomb with your tow cable to destroy the white barrier at the back of this clearing. The brick is behind this.
  • Thanks for the quick reply. :D This forum is great. We'll go and give it a try. Thanks again!
  • Got it! We just had to pull down the 10 AT-STs. Thanks so much for the help!
  • Hi, I'm new here so I'm sorry if this has been answered already. I have searched the forums but cannot find an answer.

    Can you tell me what adaptive difficulty and fertilizer does? :confused:
  • "Adaptive difficulty" means the game will adjust itself to how skilled you are- if you have difficulty getting through a certain spot, it will eventually learn this and will tweak the scenario to make it a bit easier. Likewise, if you are breezing through the game it will try to make things more difficult.

    The fertilizer rounds will make flowers grow and spit out some studs to collect. You can then destroy these flowers for more studs.
  • Cool, thank you so much for being so quick to answer!!! I will give it a go!
  • Where are all of the minikits in the first level of the the whole game?
  • How do you get to Lego Land?
  • The minikit locations in the first level are as follows:

    #1- First area; go forward to the end, then turn right. The door shuts before you enter. Use a Sith to blow up the door, enter and get a minikit.

    #2- Second area; use a detonator to blow up the metallic object nearby to go down then get a minikit.

    #3- When you reach at the top, there's Lego pieces on the wall, use the Force on these to make a platform, jump and get minikit above you.

    #4- Third area; go forward to the end, then turn right and use Bounty Hunter to open the door, proceed and go to the end. Go left and right to receive Lego pieces from both side. Build these and get the minikit.

    #5- Find three purple icons, this can be found by destory white objects. One is next to Bounty Hunter access, another one is at the hall on the left of fourth minikit located. and last one is at the far end, you need a Protocol Droid to turn off the shield first before you search. Then a minikit appears close to fourth minikit located.

    #6- Fourth area; go to the right and use the Force on two big boxes to place together, then go jump higher to get a minikit.

    #7- After turning off the shield, use the Force on upper left to open the panel to get a minikit.

    #8- Fifth area; Do you know a room where lots of showers to grow plants? If not, look at #5, after turning off the shield, go to the door to enter. Anyway use the Force on all showers to grow plants, destroy all these unless you see Lego pieces, build and use the Force on these to place together into a vehicle. Hop in and drive to fifth area where crane controller is located. Go to the thing that can lift shorty next to crane controller, and a minikit appear above you, get it.

    #9- Sixth (Last) area; Find three hidden objects. One is inside the white wall somewhere, another one is inside the metallic object on the right, and last one is inside the white box after you access the Stormtrooper door. Sadly you don't have a stormtrooper to access it, but Vader can. Once you found all three, a minikit appears at the end.

    #10- At the very end, a pod where two stromtroopers are taking a bath. Use the Force inside the tub to get a minikit.

    Theres all the Minikit Locations for you, hunad.

    To get to Lego Land (or city), you need to have collected 60 gold bricks. When you have earned these go outside the Cantina and look for a large pile of gold bricks, build them to make a kind of question mark shape and a door will open. You can now enter Lego City.:)

    Hope this helps Hunad, Good luck.
  • Where do you find the Red Brick for 2x? And where in that level is it? I think that it is in Mos Eisley Airport.
  • Which level is it, that you cant find the red brick....?
  • You purchase the X2 brick in the Mos Eisley Cantina central hub's bar- it will cost you 2 million studs. It isn't in any one level. Once you buy and activate it all studs (other than in bonus levels) will be doubled in value.
  • I am always getting stuck on Lego City. I get about 993,000 studs and i try everything but it doesn't work. I also got the flowers. Is it something to do with the flying house? HELP!!
  • If you come out with 993,000 studs consider it as completed. The whole object of the Lego City challenge is to collect within the 900,000 studs mark, so if you finish with 993,000- well done!...:D
  • I've seen on other cheat websites that you can unlock mario & luigi in freeplay. But I don't know if it is true. If it is can you tell me how to do it? thanks
  • 100% rumor/ BS, Ryan. Not true, never was.
  • Thanks
    ps: i hate the people that make up cheats & put them on websites to trick people!
  • Hi, I have another question...

    On the 'Escape from echo' base, on the part where there is the path and you use the force with a bad jedi to bring the platforms down... then when you go up you turn into a door with a grapplehook area then you grapple up to this strange dome thing. When you crawl through the hole with a little kid and use the force to get out is there anything you can do with that part with the snow, the trees and those weird animal things? Because I think it seems pretty useless if there's nothing you can do there.

  • had to think for a moment where you were- that's the path to the 9th minikit in that level.

    You should be able to find a glowing spot in this dome- use the force on this to blow up the dome and allow yourself to head out to attack some more snow troopers nearby.
  • Thanks again

    I tried to send the message but a note came up saying it's too short so I just sent this part
  • my son & i love lego starwars 2 for playstation 2, but are stumped! We have almost completed everything on the board except for getting the remaining gold bricks. we currently have 81 out of 99! for example, when we go into the New Hope room with the 6 diffrent doors you can go into it shows that we are 0/6 in the story dept. & have 21/27 gold bricks. how do we get these remaining gold bricks? we have all minikits, all red power bricks, & all free play completed....we just lack the remaining gold bricks! Help, where are they?
  • As you complete the first three levels of "A New Hope" the gold bricks should show as being available to buy at the cantina bar of the hub area.
  • thanks, have already purchased all the gold bricks though in the hub area. I dont know where else to get them. for example when i go into secret plans, it shows i have 3/4 gold bricks . i have completed all the boards, have all minikits, all red power bars, & have purchased everything in the hub area, as well as having jedi free play. every room in new hope shows that i have 3/4 gold bricks....its the same in all the other levels as well. it shows an x underneath story like i havent completed the board. thanks, wat do you think?
  • The gold bricks should be revealed as you finish story mode for each level (both normally and if you fill the True Jedi meter with studs) along with doing the True Jedi in Free Play and when finding all 10 minikits within a level. Chances are you may be missing one or more of these goals in some of the levels.
  • i have gotten all 180 minikits, all 18 red power bricks, true jedi status for all 18 boards by filling the stud meter completely full and have purchased all the gold bricks i can from the cantina. i also have completed the 10 bounty hunter missions & the 3 bonus episodes for each episode. my total of gold bricks is 81, but im still missing 18 gold bricks. any idea 2 where the rest are? i've already been thru the steps you've submitted i think. thanks for any help you can provide.
  • On Cloud City Trap, the first time you fight Darth Vader in the circle place.I use the dark force on that thingy & a hole appears.But what does it do

    PS:I got all minikits in that level
  • Are you sure about getting all the minikits? You drop some stormtroopers into that hole using the crane to get some building blocks- those blocks form minikit #3. You also get some studs out of the deal.
  • Thanks for the very very quick reply... I remember getting a minikit from that but I don't remember needing to dump stormtroopers in there to get it. So I guess there's nothing else that that hole is for?

    Thanks again :)
  • the colored blocks in lego city spell out the word"lego"
  • the colored lego blocks in lego city must spell the word "lego" .When that
    happens you get points and it should bring in the remaining stud count to
    total 1,ooo,ooo if you've done everything else there.
  • My son and I have finished everything but the Episode 6 Super Story. We just can't finish in under one hour. We have finished the other super stories, but this one is driving us crazy. Is there any tips/tricks to getting through this one. Thanks in advance.
  • Only go off the path in the level to get blue studs. Do not go out of your way to get anything that will slow you down too much, and is not worth it.

    You should aim for these times and stud counts on each of the chapters:

    Chapter 1:
    - 15,000-20,000 studs, 10-15 minutes
    Chapter 2:
    - 15,000-30,000 studs, 10-15 minutes
    Chapter 3:
    - 25,000-35,000 studs, 10-15 minutes
    Chapter 4:
    - 15,000-20,000 studs, 10 minutes
    Chapter 5:
    - 5,000 studs, 5-10 minutes
    Chapter 6:
    - 5,000-10,000 studs, 10 minutes

    Just keep on aiming for these times and keep on at it. You'll eventually be able to do each chapter in the set times, with the right amount of studs and complete the super story in under one hour. Good luck...:)
  • due you guys know were the red power block for the rescue prinses leia from death star mission^_^ .i thank you for any answers
  • It's in the area right after the garbage chute, use the Protocol droid panel and enter the room. Use the Force to move all of the boxes to make the brick appear above them.
  • I really need a cheat that will give me 99 gold bricks or lego fountain! lego city would be nice too, but i really need lego fountain. I'll do anything! just get me lego fountain! please help me!
  • There are no "cheats" that will get you these- going to have to actually earn them. The stud fountain is had by filling the jedi meter in all levels in both story and free play modes as well as finding every minikit.

    As for the gold bricks, these will become available in the cantina bar as you progress through the game for purchase.
  • I've done everything i can in lego city (except destroy the indestructable house next to the house that floats away) and i still need about 7000 more studs. Where can i get the rest. also does lego city give you any money?
  • In Jabbas palace , we got to the part of where we had to put on the white helmets to open things up. There is one more (we think!) that we cant open. Imy son thinks you need a green helmet to open it up, I think it just looks green fom the glow. Anyway we are stuck & dont know where to go from here. Thanks for your help, this is a great sight. I showed my son how to get through using the info you gave us last time & he was so excited. thank you, I am new to ps2!
    Di & jar
  • Sdadkins, the "indestructible" houses should still be destroyed using thermal detonators. This should get you the last of the studs.

    Dihanjar- there should be a bounty hunter helmet dispenser in the room you just left.
  • Is there any way to get money in the cantina by completing lego city? Also, the house next to the floating house will not explode by using thermol dentanators or bounty hunter missilles.
  • I don't know what you mean by getting money in the cantina by completing lego city.

    if that house is the one that comes out of the trees you smash around it, just leave it it shouldn't heed to be smashed.

  • I know there is a way to become your vehicle or animal thing, and i've done it before, but i am not quite sure how. Can you tell me how, please?

    - - - - ---
    :) ps2rocks
  • Find a vehicle or animal that you can drive(this can be done only on free play or in lego city). Be sure you have self destruct and it is turned on. Then get on the vehicle or animal and press x to jump off and then immediately switch to the droid and self destruct. Your droid should then respawn onto the vehicle or animal.

    Is this what you mean...?
  • yeah, that's it, but there's one thing. how do you get self-destruct?
  • It's a cheat/ extra that needs to be purchased.
  • ok, but nothing at the extra purchase place says "Self Destruct" of anything, so i guessed it must be one that's locked. How exactly do i "un"-lock it?
  • To unlock self destruct go to escape from echo base (episode 5 chapter 2) on that part where you need a sith to get those platforms on the ice go up there and turn left. Go into the door that you need R2D2 to open, then keep flicking the switches on each side until 2 doors open in the place outside the window. One of those doors that open should have the red brick in it. This red brick will unlock self destruct ;)
  • I did it and it was Fast Build, not Self-Destruct. It's helpful, but I would really like to find Self-Destruct.

    Help me soon.
  • That's strange, Just try to get all red bricks & you'll eventually find it:)
  • how do you pass bounty hunter missions?
  • You find and capture the key characters for that mission- these are key characters from the movies (R2-D2, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Leia Organa, etc.) and are named at the start of the mission so you'l know who to look for.

    These missions also have timers on them so you need to be somewhat quick- there are no studs to collect during these so don't waste time trying to find them.
  • I did it and it was Fast Build, not Self-Destruct. It's helpful, but I would really like to find Self-Destruct.

    Help me soon.

    Sorry it's in Hoth battle
  • Is there any way to get unlimited gold bricks???
  • no but you only need to get 99 of them
  • what do you do after you rescued c3po and r2d2 and get to the part of jabba's palace with the big block thingys and there is a c3po door
  • I'm afraid you'll need to be a bit more specific than "big block thingys"- do you mean the room right after rescuing R2 and threepio from their cells?
  • people who help people who need help,
    I was wondering if you could tell me what different extras do.(for example, the disguises put dumb beards etc. on the characters' faces)

    I aleady have unlocked all of the following:

    [*]tractor beam
    [*]fast build
    [*]super zapper
    [*]bounty hunter rockets

    P.S. Iwould like to know where you get "self destruct" in the level "hoth battle" ,and what the cheat code for it is.

    PLESE RESPOND AND PLESE E-MAIL ME : [email]NVH1998@YAHOO.COM[/email]!!!!!:cool:
  • P.S. Iwould like to know where you get "self destruct" in the level "hoth battle" ,and what the cheat code for it is.

    When you return to the AT-AT in the Free Play mode of 'Hoth Battle', it'll still be fallen over in the snow, so use your bomb to destroy it for good. Now, keep going back and getting rolling bombs, shooting the Probe Droids whenever they appear, and use the bombs to blow up the white barrier walls, yielding more Studs. Behind the white barrier at the end of this clearing, you'll find the red POWER BRICK which is used to unlock Self-Destruct.

    I was wondering if you could tell me what different extras do.(for example, the disguises put dumb beards etc. on the characters' faces)

    Refer to here for the full list of extras ;) (Go to Section 9) - Extras Walkthrough
  • :( What are some combos that I can use for somone with a lightsaber? I try to figure them out but i only founf out one.
  • Attack combos: Press [Square] repeatedly. Time your presses for more powerful strikes.

    Defend: Hold [Square]

    Reflect blaster shots: Press [Square] just before shot hits your character.

    Double-jump: [X], [X]

    Backflip: [X] + back on Left stick or D-pad

    Jump attack: [X], [Square]

    Slam attack: [X], [X], [Square]

    Use the Force: hold [O]

    This is everything really, mora ;).
  • okay, i'm am so confused on my last minikit on dagobah! in the area with the giant wooden bridge R2-D2 activates, my minikit detector keeep pointing to the right with a red arrow, and itappears nowhere else! could somebody please help me?
  • Not sure exactly where you mean, unit- here is a listing of every mini kit location in that level, which should help figure out what to do.

    Minikit Canister #1: At the very start, use the Force to stack 3 large
    crates. Double-jump from them to the canopy above,
    then across to the canister on the right.

    Minikit Canister #2: At the first grapple point, use an Astromech Droid to
    hover left to the large rock in the middle of the
    water. Jump to the top of the rock and smash the
    crate to find the canister.

    Minikit Canister #3: Inside Yoda's home, which you can enter using a small
    character, use Dark Force on the big-screen TV on the
    left to receive the canister.

    Minikit Canister #4: To the right of Yoda's house, use Dark Force on the
    red and black Lego block. Build the Lego pieces into
    a raft and jump on it to cross the swamp. Jump off
    at the far end, go up and use a Thermal Detonator to
    clear away the shiny debris in front of the cave
    containing the canister.

    Minikit Canister #5: Smash open all three round brown hatches in the area
    through the tree tunnel from Yoda's house to reveal
    the canister on the last patch of land.

    Minikit Canister #6: After building the tractor and hovering left around
    the tree to the rickety wooden platform, use the
    grapple point to reach the canister on a high ledge.

    Minikit Canister #7: In the destiny cave, at the bottom of the first ramp,
    use Dark Force to build half of a bridge, cross to
    its edge, and repeat to build the rest of it. Use a
    Thermal Detonator to destroy the shiny crates, build
    the grapple point and use it to reach the canister.

    Minikit Canister #8: In the destiny cave, use the vent access hatch on the
    left side to crawl to a ledge above. There, shoot
    the cage containing the canister to drop it to the
    ground, then go after it to collect it.

    Minikit Canister #9: Near the end of the destiny cave, use a Thermal
    Detonator to clear the shiny debris on the right side
    of the path. Inside the cave, cross the octagonal
    discs carefully, as many will fall away. The
    canister can be found once you've safely maneuvered
    your way to the end of the cave.

    Minikit Canister #10: After exiting the destiny cave, crawl into the vent
    access on the right side of the clearing. Hover
    left to the branch with the lever and pull it. On
    the ground, build the grapple point and use it, then
    double-jump to the canister.
  • i dont get the earning the amount of studs needed to buy a character. i did it but when i push the triangle part it exits:confused:
  • You're pushing the wrong button- hit X to purchase.
  • Karen2 said:
    In the Jundland Wastes there is a mini kit I can't get. I can see it clearly near the top of a big brown vehicle which you have to use platforms to get to the top of. It looks like there is a wicket door in there but I can't find the entrance. also it looks like there is a blue force field in front of it but I can't force it.

    karen you have to be on free play. you have to go to yodas hut
    and be the ewok and fit into the door and destroy everything
    and use force on the tv and the mini kit will appear
  • Hi
    I am having trouble with the level betrayle over bespin,
    i am in freeplay mode trying to get jedi status, but i cant get into the millenium falcon and the end of the level. I have killed all the stormtroopers and roamed around the level countless times and still cant get in???? Please help.
  • Hello I have been trying to unlock stuff in LEGO Star Wars 2.
    I had managed to unlock
    Hdy739 - Tie Fighter
    Qya828 - Tie Interceptor
    and also Darth Vader Tie Fighter...
    However I have been trying to UNLOCK two further aircraft
    one is either a Lambda Class Shuttle or Imperial Landing Craft...
    the other is another kind of tie fighter... I think.
    Also I have not been able to unlock 4-LOM the bounty hunter.
    Would you have the codes for these three items, two space craft and a bounty hunter ?
    Very many thanks.
  • Ohjaypea: it happens to me all the time. u hav 2 restart the level

    blueharvest: heres all the codes
    Password Effect
    BBV889 Imperial Officer
    BEN917 Ben Kenobi (GHOST)
    BNC332 Death Star Trooper
    CVT125 Imperial Spy
    CYG336 Rebel Pilot
    EKU849 Rebel Trooper (Hoth)
    GBU888 Skiff Guard
    HDY739 TIE Fighter
    HHY382 The Emperor
    HLP221 Boba Fett
    JAW499 Jawa
    MMM111 Imperial Guard
    NAH118 Greedo
    NBP398 Big Red Nose
    NFX582 Gonk Droid
    NNZ316 TIE Fighter Pilot
    NXL973 IG-88
    NYU989 Snow Trooper
    PEJ821 Tusken Raider
    PTR345 Stromtrooper
    QYA828 TIE Interceptor
    SGE549 Palace Guard
    SMG219 Grand Moff Tarkin
    SYK967 Unlocks Anakin Skywalker Ghost for 1.000.000 studs
    TTT289 Ewok
    UCK868 Beach Trooper
    UGN694 Ugnaught
    UUB319 Lobot
    VAP664 Imperial Shuttle Pilot
    VHY832 Bespin Guard
    WTY721 Bib Fortuna
    YDV451 Sand Trooper
    YOD476 Unlocks Yoda (Ghost) for 1,200,000
    YWM840 Han Solo (Hood)
    YZF999 Gamorean Guard

    well im pretty sure thats all the codes
  • i need to know how to pass the final level of the episode GUNSHIP CAVALRY, the one where your ship is sorrounding the death star. seconds are never enough and i finish blastered before ending!!! thanks!!!
  • I need help finding the red power brick in chapter IV (4) episode 3. i can't find it anywhere! please someone help
  • What is the easiest way to get a lot of lego studs fast?
  • can you please help me by suggesting the best way to get a lot of studs fast?
  • If you see something that looks like it can be busted up for studs, have at it. There's no real "fast" way to do it.

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