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  • I have seen the new video and this looks brilliant.

    The story looks very different from the other games and everyone seems to be a lot older.

    Really looking forward to this one coming out.
  • for the first time since MGS2, im looking forward to seeing MORE of raiden.

    The trailer was the usual MGS greatness we'd expect from Kojima
  • Loved MGS until Sons of Liberty came out. Playing that one put me off the series and haven't even bothered trying Snake Eater. With half of S of L being a movie what is the next one going to be <_<
  • I think that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots has become one of the most awaited games for the Playstation 3. Not by me, but by all MGS players in general. And has a proof of that, E3's coverage on Metal Gear Solid 4 has show to be one of the greatest yet. (Too bad it's the last MGS to be released, or so I was told).

    Now, remembering how Metal Gear Solid got released on the PSX and how fast it began to spawn fans all over the world, has made this game what it is today.

    Having Finished MSG1, owning and finished Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty and owning and finishing Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater; I can hardly wait to see what new features this one will feature. From what I've seen in its trailer it seems that CQC will be back, as well as Raiden from MGS2, though he looks a lot like Gray Fox. Another thing I've heard is that all the environment is destructible, seems that walls can withstand a couple of shots and then crumble... I guess that the phrase "No Place To Hide" does fit the game. Just another thing I've heard, it seems that Metal Gears actually begin to have a mind of it's own, much seeming like animals. They emit sounds that actually mean they're on a hunt or have given up chasing their prey. However, they do use it to their advantage, and even would try to trick you into thinking that they gave up. What do you think about this? Will it enhace the already hard difficulty of the game? Or do they just want us to be more tactical?

    Seems that we'll see how all is going to end in this fabulous game. Still, I bet, and I repeat bet, that there is still going to be a Substance/Subsistence like release. I may be wrong, but it happened with both MGS2 and MGS3.
  • How i would love to get my hands on this game :( Or a PS3 at that matter!

    The game looks great but i reckon the ps3 can get even better graphics than that :clap:
  • QUOTE(Hitman105 @ Aug 18 2006, 12:03 PM) [snapback]67987[/snapback]
    How i would love to get my hands on this game :( Or a PS3 at that matter![/b]

    [i]I've got my PS3 paid for :harhar: Well unless they raise the price above the
  • The trailer does look amazing, no doubt Hideo has another masterpiece. I am looking forward to seeing the new and improved Raiden and the old and worn out Snake. I truly believe this will be a whole new experience playing an ailing old man, no doubt Snake will still kick some serious :censored: . I am glad to see the continuation of the camouflage, it was a unique addition to Snake Eater. If I don't buy a PS3 on its release day I will be buying on the day MGS4 is released.

  • Anyone know if Hayter is still voicing Snake? After his successes with the X-men scripts and such he might feel he has bigger fish to fry other than the one which is truely his best career choice :P
  • I cant wait for MGS4 to come out!
  • it does look fantastic though the newer videos are making it seem more and more crazy each time a new trailer is released. im glad theyve gone back to a proper metal gear again. The monkey bit's a bit mental but could be quite humerous im just gutted as it says its snakes last mission hope they do a few more though. Dont really wanna play it as meril. But gotta be said it looks fantastic.
  • I pre-ordered it. I guess that is enough to pass on my feeling about it :o

    Can't wait :p

    Btw, omg at the playing demo I saw of it. My wife will be so angry after she tells me something and I totally ignore her cause i am playing THE game :eek:

    Damn i love these smiles :p
  • I am actually anxious to get my hands on a copy. The trailers, new and old, look amazing. I will be honest and say that I havnt downloaded the trailer. I've had too much stuff going on. I miss my baby (PS3). I will most likely buy it before playing the demo since I pass a game store to and from work every day. I bet this thread blows up after tomorrow.

  • Ok I got a copy and been playing it for 3 hours....

    It took me like an hour to get used to all the controlls and stuff and I spend most of this time in the virtual area. After that I started of the game.....

    I was in total oblivion of my surroundings and could only listen to The Game.

    I played through the first 30 min on actual gameplay and got tuned to the 'DONT GET SEEN YOU IDIOT' playing style so I get started again....

    This games is a true work of art and I am totally lost into it... The music is GREAT, the visuals are GREAT the AI is GREAT the animation is GREAT.... am i getting my point through???

    --- WARNING ---

    If you are not into cutscenes, story telling and patient gameplay, stay away from it (and consider yourself as an egg head for being such an untrained monkey)
  • Personally i dont like the new setup, a few things just bug me. The new aiming system makes using cover pretty much useless as it takes snake forever to look around a corner, and even then he still sticks his whole body out to get shot. Aslo, he goes against the walls awkwardly in this one. Its hard to imagine his camo working with a wall when the only part of his body that is agaisnt it is his ass. Personally i like the game because of its mutiple enemy aspects and great story, but personally i enjoyed the gameplay of snake eater 5 times more than in this chapter.
  • I have just completed it first time round, what a game, and the ending fmv is ace (even though its nearly an hour long including the credits that are like something speilberg has made) an totally extreme game. going round on the harder level now
  • Today was my 10th time finishing the game and i still cant get enough of it, its not even boring.The only difficulty i didnt do it on was big boss extreme which im about to do.
  • This game was perfect in every way possible. Like a full feature length movie that you could play, amazing.
  • It may be a stupid question but i'm wondering if any one can help me out and tell how to kill vamp !!!!
  • Here's what you are looking for, woodman. B)

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