best TV for a PS console...
  • hey guys whats up? what TV you like to use with your PS consoles?




    4-or do you like other TV(s)

    Cmon deside well as for me i like Sony TVs cuse my ps2 wrecked the panasonic TV but the sony didnt wrecked cuse of it yeah? :D i think the sony tv what would you say about it ? ;)
  • I like the sonys they always bring quality to thier products. The LGs seem pretty nice as well. My favorite though are the samsungs, they always look great. My sister sells tv's and she has told me that samsungs are hands down the best.
  • Sony or Samsung. I have a Samsung at the moment and it's brilliant, great quality picture and of course it looks great.

    I would not say no to a Sony Bravia, however. They were a bit too much money for me when i was first looking for a new HDTV, and as i've always known Sony's products are top-end in the quality area it may have been my first choice at the time. The reviews for Sony's Bravia TV's are always glowing aswell, so they appeal to me massively.

    But, there are plenty of TV's out there. Most of the top-end TV's have little difference in quality between the makes, but when it comes down to it- Sony or Samsung is the way to go...;)
  • I rock a Magnavox TV with my PS consoles. It's great fun. Haven't had any complaints about it so far.

    For awhile I used a LG widescreen-flatscreen TV, but the delay on it for Guitar Hero was waay too annoying. So I went ahead and decided to forego it.
  • JVC are amazing and 5 year standard warranty you cant beat that.
  • LCD if thats what you were reffering to aswell not a keen fan of plasms to be honest.