Hey, fellow Earthlings.
  • I just joined today, so I'm looking for a warm welcome, any offers.

    Is there any point in me buying the PS3 Fan add-on, cause my PS3 Fan is sooooooo head reckoning that I have to keep turning my volume up on my HD tv.

    Can someone please help?:mad: :frown: :( :eek:
  • Welcome to the asylum, sos- hope you come back often! B)

    By all means, do NOT buy one of those fan attachments for the PS3. Not only do they do more harm than good, you will void whatever warranty you have left if you need to get repairs.

    If your fan is getting extra loud, one thing I want to ask is where is the PS3 located? If you have it in an enclosed place like a home entertainment system it may be in too tight an area and the fan is having to work extra hard from sucking the warm air back in.
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    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me or one of the other STAFF members and we'll do our best to answer your question.:)
  • I bought a fan for PS3 when i bought the console, used it for 2 days. Its quieter without it, AND Lyndon tends to run his PS3 24/7 (if PSN is anything to go by) and he has had no problems with overheating etc.

    I seem to remember someone posted a thread about an experiment where the PS3 was exposed to extreme temps and had no probs whatsoever, so............save your cash, USB fans are a waste of money!
  • i will second that,i went out and wasted money on one of them......my god was it loud with it on and belive me it did get hot.
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