• Just wondering, who does pull-ups to increase your grip level? The first time I was playing I didn't, but now I realize the benefits from doing it. With grip level 3 you can practically hang forever!!! Well not literally but damn near. Just curious thats all.

  • I don't do them because there just a waste of time and theres no need to have a stronger grip hold than a Lv 1.

    I've read it takes too long to get up to Lv 3 anyway.
  • I do them a lot, I think it's cool. I am on Level 2 and it is great!You can hold on so long!I don't mind the time it takes to do them and I think Level 1 isn't enough to grip for a while

  • dgooden, Lv1 is definately enough because where in the game do you need to hold onto a railing for a long time. I must just be more skilled at being stealthy and getting past guards with out jumping over a railing and holding on for along time just to make sure you aren't going to get caught. :D

    I think it's pointless that you have to do pull ups to get stronger, Snake (ex member of Foxhound) and Raiden (current member) should be strong enough to hang onto the railings for more than a few minutes, don't you think?.
  • I also haven't found the need to hang for longer than LVL 1 allows, but did it anyway just for the novelty.

    Altho' I did do the pull-up's I didn't do them long enough to up the level.
  • Its true that you can finish the game without increasing your grip level; but if you are collecting dog tags (playing on Hard mode) you gonna need it for the last guard in Hold One on the upper level.

    Does anyone know how many pull ups are needed to increase the grip level ?
  • At 100 pull-ups your Grip Level will increase to Level 2 and at 200 it will increase to Level 3.
  • Wow, thats a lot of pull ups ! - cheers Rex77
  • [b]Concidering you can only do 3 to 4 a time, 200 is a long way away
  • How do you do pull ups i forgot what you get on the rail flip over it then press R1 or L1 or something like that? What is it im still new at this game.

    In the game im at the part where the president dies and I have to take emma underwater, and im playing on easy mode for the Note.
  • Tanner said that you need to get a higher grip gauge level to collect dog-tags from one marine in one of the holds, but I actually got his dog-tags with a level 1 grip gauge.

    I also read somewhere in a magazine that if you find 2 sort of balconies right on top of each other you can drop down from the top balcony and when you reach the bottom one quickly press triangle to grab onto it, go back up and repeat. It said this counts for 10 or 20 pull ups in that one drop.

    (In response to Smooth Criminal's below post)
    No SC, believe me. I'm not lying when I said i got past the high wire shimmying part of the holds with only a level one grip gauge. I did only just make it though. Maybe I did it on a lower difficulty level to you though, you never know.
  • just like real life, I hate doing them, but if you want all of the dog tags in the Tanker you have to do them to reach that all important ledge in the holds. Believe me newish, I sat their for hours trying to find a way up their before I thought of the pull ups. Im afraid it's the only way. Ah well, it's worth it in the end.
  • The truth out there.....

    Newish you are right - you can get the tags with grip level 1 but only as long as you have full health.

    Like Smooth Criminal i was unaware of this and tried increasing my grip level by pull-ups, which made no difference to me cos i kept running out of time (I saved game in the hold).

    Bottomline is your health affects your grip and even a fraction off full health seriously affects how long you can hold. Of course if you dont have enough rations to get full health then you have no choice but to do the pull ups.

    Smooth Criminal i know how you feel i also spent hours in the hold, but thats how i did it in the end. In fact if you have full health (when hanging) you will never need to increase your grip level.
  • I've got a very easy way of getting a level 3 grip gauge for people who do not have this by the holds. This is fully tested by me and it helped me a lot. I was up on the rails for ages.

    At the very start of the first hold you are 3 stories up. Right next to the ladder there is a pointing upwards towards where the projection screen is. Flip over this rail and drop from it, while dropping tap X quickly and you will reach onto the rail below. Climb back up to the top and repeat this again. Every time you do this rail drop and grap it will be counted as 10 pull-ups, meaning you need to do 10 drop and grabs to reach grip gauge level 2 and another 10 for level 3. It is a great way to earn high levels without doing 200 pull-ups.

    Have fun dangling from rails! :D
  • Really? And here's me spending many tedious hours doing sodding pull ups. Ah well, Iv'e got all the tags now anyway.
  • No need for pull-ups - if you have full health.
  • Yep, if you have full health though. I just find it very amusing dangling right above dozens of guards.
  • By the way Newish, thats a neat trick to increase grip level but fatal if you dont do it right.
  • What I do to make sure you dont fall to certain doom is to tap the triangle button quickly while you are dropping, if this is correctly acheived then you are guaranteed to come out alive.