cant use go!massenger...
  • hey uhhm....yeah i cant use the go massenger with out the software
    i wanna download it but from where ?
  • The Go! Messenger site would be a good start...;) You know our policy Nob, so you'll just have to do a google search for the address.

    You do know, that for it to work you have to be connected to the internet on your PSP, Nob.
  • ok but after thinking that there is no problem with psp it apears that the router has a problem but they want me to update it to software 3.95
    but the 3.95 software can't let games begin
  • NOB, the PSP firmware would not block games from starting. Having older firmware would maybe prevent newer titles but updating to the latest would only help things. If you can't get to it directly head over to Sony's site on your computer and grab the download from there. The firmware has been up to version 4.05 since mid-July. Just transfer over to the memory stick via USB cable and install.