Coming Back !
  • Hello...... I'm so nervous..... ha ha ha....

    Finally back on line ! If there's any one around here that's been here for AGES....... This is SHAGGER !

    About to PM Lyndon and hopefully get my login back ! :D
  • Another veteran returns- welcome back Shaggy! B) Just PM me with the password you want on the old account and I'll get it changed up.
  • Well if it isn't old Shagger the Fragger. I remember you. Good to have you back my friend!;)
  • Aaaaaa, Thanks Lyndon ! All sorted.

    Gad, been 2 years now, Glad I'm remembered. Got to clear out my inbox, Glad to be back and start posting again.
  • Welcome back hunnybunch!!! Good to (virtualy) see you again!!!!

    Where have you been on your travels??
  • Look who it is, its ma fellow south african. Welcome back