• Hello, Just bought a PSone, and when I load a Game, it doesnt sound as if the disc is spinning; and it brings up a tiled screen with two larger tiles. one saying Memory Card, the Other saying CD Player. Whats exactly is going on and how do I fix it?
  • Looks like the PSOne has a problem with its laser as it isn't reading the CDs at all.

    I would first try cleaning the lens with something soft (say, a q-tip) and try again. Also check the bottom of the disc and see if it has any dirt or scratches. If it is dirt on there a quick wipe with a soft cloth going from the center outwards will clean it. Scratches, however, would mean possibly needing to get the disc resurfaced- local game stores or some pawn shops offer this service.

    If, after all this, the system still does not read the disc you may want to return that system to where you bought it as they may have not known it wasn't working (or maybe they tried to scam you).
  • thanks, although the place I bought doesnt accept returns ( it was a yardsale) Also, i tried this weird thing Iread on wikipedia saying some only work while upside down. Amazingly enough, this seems to have fixed the problem, its now working even in the correct upright position
  • Don't be too surprised if that fix is only temporary- tricks like that were a sure sign the laser inside was on the last legs of its life.