Greatest Video Game Accomplishments
  • So heres the deal, we all play video games but what do we really get out of them? Are we even proud that we play them or are we just having fun. The point of this thread for me is to see what you consider to be your bigest accomplishment in the video game world, something you can be proud of.
    It could be getting 100 percent in a game like gta or super mario 64. Or beating the crap out of a group of bunie guys on halo 3 or anything like that.

    For me my best accomplishments are beating the orignial super smash bros game on very hard with one life with fox and link. Being able to beat anyone ive ever seen on the orignal smash bros game one on 1. Also id have to say getting great score on cod4 team death match games are on my list. My best so far are 33 kills 3 deaths, and 46 kills and 8 deaths on team death match games.
  • wow these forums are dead, good advice sometimes, but very few active users
  • -=Gladius=- said:
    wow these forums are dead, good advice sometimes, but very few active users

    your right it's all got a bit quite round here lately
    anyway i think my best accomplishment is when i come top in CoD4,it dosent happen that often i must admit :) but i feel really good.
  • My best accomplishment is when I Beat Cod 1-3 All in one day (I was so bored after that)
  • being unstopable at granturismo prologue honestly i was pretty much unbeaten the entire time i played it, in temrs of single player would be creating some quality tunes on music i think.
  • stell you should party up with me sometime in cod4 ill help u get a few victories :D. Some of the people i know are really good as well, although most of the people on my friends list are pretty average players.

    I still havnt seen anyone get near 40 kills on a team death match game though :D.
  • i used to be the dogs at call of duty ask steel and some of the others.
  • I still havnt seen anyone get near 40 kills on a team death match game though

    *ahem* 61 kills - 4 deaths before...:) (Kill streak is 31, K/D Ratio 1.80).

    My biggest video game accomplishment; over the years there have been many ;), but recently getting the Platinum trophy for Uncharted and winning a gold medal for every cell in WipEout HD and then being ranked 26th on the global leaderboards...(VERY HARD).:D
  • O very nice, ya i havnt played near long enought to rank up that high in cod4.
    61 kills wasnt in a ground war sever though was it, that would mean everyone else would have combined only got 14 kills on your team.
  • greatst accomplishment is actually beating resident evil 4 in normal mode by my first time i played i've been killed 51 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....that's just on normal many times i'll die if i played on PRO mode(hard mode).....LOL
  • my friends great accomplishment is beating guitar hero on expert. he says he has never gotten less than 99% on Heart Shaped Box by nirvana and he rubs it in my face because i have not played it much so i got up and played heart shaped box on a real guitar in front of the school to piss him off.
  • i am the proud owner on a helicopter on GTA LCS on psp
  • I have an old accomplishment that I still haven't topped. In 1988, I set a record by rolling Galaga over six times on one quarter.