Remember the brave
  • On the 11th hour of the 1tth day on the 11th month 1918.
    I would ask you all to remember those brave men that gave their lives and those who struggled and battled their way to stay alive through the many terrifying years of war. The men that where from all over the world America, Belgium, Britain,Canada,France,Ireland and our Colonies. I would ask you all to give your 2 minitues silence today and remember them.

    Thanks again

    Samuel Pennington.
  • i did today and i do every year and i always will
  • Don't forget all the men and women who have died for us in war since 1918, too.

    We shall remember them all.
  • as a war vet, i consider it my civic duty to remember those who came before .
  • ive served with the british army my self as a vm b (fix anything with wheels basically) what did you do in the forces mate ?
  • I will all ways rember brave poeple who died for us