final fantasy 13 the downfall for playstation
  • FF13 was just announced at E3.......for the XBOX 360 does this spell the end for PS3 our one title we hoped would save PS3 has gone over to XBOX. The only saving grace was they didnt say exclusive but still this was supposed to be the game to bring PS3 back on top, too bad...your opionions?
  • To be honest, I thought it was maybe a matter of time before this happened. After all, the 360 is somewhat starved for RPGs and SquareEnix has the potential to sell a lot more copies making the game for both consoles. They are a third party, after all, and FF is their series- not Sony's (as you'll recall Square jumped from Nintendo to Sony back in the original PlayStation days). With the larger install base of the 360 it's somewhat of a no-brainer for them in North America and Europe.

    As a slight consolation, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still exclusive to the PS3. Personally, I see no reason to complain.
  • Yes I understand that it is a money thing and I understand xbox 360s base however, in my opionion, if PS3 doesnt get great exlcusive titles , like MGS4, its gunna shoot itself in the foot. FF 13 should have been the title that would move PS3s faster than any Wii. Sony shoulda worked hard to keep this exclusive.
  • We still have loads of great first-party exclusives, that to be honest have had much more hype and coverage than FF XIII. For example, Resistance 2, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, LittleBigPlanet etc etc... I know it is a loss, a pretty big one, to lose FF XIII as an exclusive. But to be honest, like Lyn said, it was always predicted the title would go multi-format, and this does not concern me too much. As we all know, Final Fantasy will always get the better reception on a PlayStation- and this will happen with FF XIII on the PS3.

    It's nice to know FF Versus XIII is still a PS3 exclusive, that deals a big blow to the 360 and the FF Franchise on that system...:)
  • Okay heres the deal, withen the next few years, you will hardly ever see any exculisve titles for either system outside of companies that mircrosoft or sony themselves own. Gamemakers would shoot themselves in the foot if they didnt make games for booth ps3 and xbox. Its getting harder and harder for owners to shell out enough money to make exculsive games stay exclusive.

    I guess my message is, if you want a system that has a lot of exclusive games, buy a wii.
  • I think in the future, the differences between the power of both systems and how developers use it will make a big difference to the amount of exclusive games each will get. There will be some games that really 'can only be done on the PS3'...:D
  • Personally i would disagree, although the ps3 may have more raw power, ive have heard many say that the xbox 360 is much easier to program for.
  • That's because the 360 has been out for around 18 months longer, Gladius. Now, and even more in the future, developers are getting to grips with developing for the PS3 and are able to do much more with the console's huge amount of power. Also, with the superior amount of storage on a Blu-Ray disk for games, developers also have the space to create a better game on the PS3 than the 360. It shouldn't be too long before all of this become's obvious.
  • every system needs exclusive games cause thats what sets them apart from the rest.ive been waiting for this game for years and when its about to come out they push it back again, but they're pushing it back for the 360 they would of been smarter to just of released it for the ps3 it would of been so good for sony they messed up not making this a exclusive hopefully people can email or talk square into mAKING IT AN EXCLUSIVE again!
  • lol its not as simple as that, sony cant afford to pay the makers 2 billion dollars to not realase it on the 360
  • but why would square even want to make it go multi when they have been w/ playstation for so long it would of done great and brought the system back to the top.and square still would of made a whole bunch of money.:(
  • This same argument happened when Square jumped from Nintendo to Sony with the FF series.

    Here's the thing- a game publisher can do what they like with their property. FF was always Square's property- not Nintendo's or Sony's. As much money as they could possibly make with the game on one console, they can potentially double it being on two. I say be glad you will get the opportunity to play it on your system of choice- they always could have made it an exclusive for the "other" console and then you'd be outta luck altogether. ;)
  • dancer said:
    but why would square even want to make it go multi when they have been w/ playstation for so long it would of done great and brought the system back to the top.and square still would of made a whole bunch of money.:(

    Money speaks volumes more than words.... S-E needs to make money, and this way, they will make more.
  • I'll admit it sucks a LOT - although the pain will be substantially less if it's just a cross-console release. I don't think the decision is a "system killer", though; we've still got plenty of exclusive stuff coming to PS3. Personally, I think original "exclusive" titles like LittleBigPlanet, as well as once Home gets really moving - that's the stuff that's going to "save" the PS3. It's just going to take the PS3's audience in a different direction than before, and I'm kind of OK with it; I'm excited to get my hands on "original" stuff that isn't just sequels (although I'm still waiting for Resistance 2). I think an "original" title that breaks big may be an even better "console savior" than a sequel, since it's establishing a new fanbase instead.
  • so will ffxiii no be released for ps3 at all?
  • with out fail it will be released for the ps3 no doubt about that just that it will also be released on thoer consoles i dont understand the problem with that my self ?
  • coolzjo said:
    so will ffxiii no be released for ps3 at all?

    It is definitely coming for the PS3, it's just not exclusive to the console any more.

    Those that are complaining about this are not looking at the whole picture. back when Square jumped the series from Nintendo to Sony's PSOne there were a lot more PS systems on the go than anyone else (plus it was one of the few CD based systems at the time) so the decision was easy to keep it just to that system. Same with the PS2- it outsold the other systems by such a significant margin companies could stay exclusive to one console (the PS2) and make a nice profit.

    Now however, the numbers are not nearly the same with the XBox 360 in the lead and the PS3 playing catch up. Between this and increased costs in game production it is not a safe bet to stay loyal to one system. We'll be seeing very few 3rd party exclusives any more (Konami's MGS 4 was a rare exception due to the sheer amount of data used, almost filled a double sided blu-ray disc- that's 47 GB of data). From here on out, expect the only true exclusives to comes from the console makers themselves.
  • that sucks i dont like how things are now