resident evil veronica
  • hi there im at the part of the game when i kill alexia for the first time and i get the security card from claire but i only have the wings of the dragon fly and i cant seem to find the middle part (the body) of the dragofly. i think i has something to do with the jukeboxes in alexia's and alfreds bedroom and i know how to get the jewels from the lions head but i dont know wht to do can u help me please? thanks alot ;)
  • You should have come across a door with a woman symbol on it (no, it isn't the rest room) which is similar to Alexia's room. Get the music box and place the red jewel from the tiger statue in this. take the music box plate and head to Alfred's room.

    Use the plate on the music box and you will unveil a ladder to another room. Climb up and you will be able to find a "dragon fly object" in a container. Combine this with the wings for an incomplete dragonfly. At this point you will need to head back to a set of double doors in the painting room.

    In here, head for the elevator and take it down. You'll see another wing object in a glass. Check the computer terminal nearby and you will find the last dragonfly wing- combine them all together with the object for the complete golden dragonfly.
  • ok but after i take the music plate how do i open alfreds juke box without the jewel? sorry to be a pain :(:redface:
  • You shouldn't need to- just use the music plate on the music box and everything falls into place.
  • i have tried using it and it came up saying its locked and the blue jewel is missing and when i go to use the plate its coming up no need to use it now :S have i maybe missed something?