Far Cry 2 - Pyrotechnical effects are simply powerful !!!
  • Graphics of Far Cry 2 are simply unbelievable !!! Gameplay is the faster i never saw !!! Adrenaline garantee !!! I love set fire everywhere Ha ha ha !!

    I'm now a true Far Cry 2 fan. I built a site about Far Cry 2 for share with others : maps , patchs, wallpapers, screensavers and more about my new passion Far Cry 2 !!!!

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  • i played it,i dont like it.the first was a lot better,the new one just has to many glitches to enjoy it,u have to use almost a hole mag to put someone down,sometimes there still alive and shootin ya,i once had an enemy doin that so i shot him again and again and again,he still dident die,i had to put 5mags into his face to kill him,thats why i traded it in and got oblivion instead,now thats a great game.farcry2 needed a lot more time in production,it looked and played worse than the first.