• Whats going on wit star ocean 4? I heard they were concentrating on the 360. Star ocean is our game why would they exclude the ps3 to put it on the stupid 360. What is square doing first ffxiii now this why is the 360 fighting over the games that use to be exclusive to the ps3 specifically them taking our rpgs is starting to piss me off i hope someone has some good input on this.If anything star ocean should go to the ps3 first.Is SE turning there back on playstation becuz it seems that way? In my opinion it shouldn't go to the 360 at all why couldn't the exclusive games just stayed exclusive to each system. like halo and resistance!
  • would someone please respond to this thread.
  • Why won't u people respond???
  • Because we've had this discussion before with other third party games.

    Face the facts- the game publishers are in it to make money and these days they cannot do that by being exclusive to one console. Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, etc. were never Sony's properties, they are SquareEnix's. They are just doing what they can to maximize potential profit in today's gaming climate. You still get to play it so there is no need for the fanboy 'tude there. Don't hate the system, hate the game.
  • is it going to be another multi-platform game?
  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope is currently just listed as being for the 360, actually- nothing said about a PS3 release. *puts fingers in ears to block the expected response*