problem with resistance 2 for ps3
  • getting error message when loading game
    "the game is not running in a High-Definition resolution. If your TV is capable of displaying HDTV signals such as 720p or 1080l. You u can use this tool to learn why the game is not using one of these resolutins.

    options x button learn more o button cancel

    both options dont work
    stuck on this page
    is this a defective game? (i played resistance fall of man first one and have no problems with any other ps3 games.
    can you help me?
  • Is this an imported game and trying to run on a standard-def hook up?
  • How do you play co-op through the story mode?
  • i have a similiar problem as wm 1973 i finished fall of man with no problems with the game then i bought resistance 2 and im having problems loading the game system ,controller and other games work fine what's the problem? softtailrider05
  • Could be a problem with the disc itself- may want to doublecheck it for any sort of dirt/ fingerprints that may be making it more difficult to read.
  • The disc is brand new . it's actually my second one. im actually an hour into the game . i just don't understand that its doing the same thing on another brand new disc.
  • Sounds like you may be running into a bug of some sort within the game then- you may need to buckle down, delete all the R2 data along with your save and start over in case it is something in that.