help for phon coast
  • can somebody help me?
    i have a problem-- stuck in phon coast...
    i cant seem to go through Limatra Hill's high-land...
    i've heard there's a secret passageway in Vaddu Strand, i've found it and tried it, but it still doesnt work...
    i've checked the disc, but it was still running... i also tried to put the PS2 in a vertical position(this usually works with other games) and i even bought a new disc to try at that part of the game, but it STILL doesnt work!!!!! :(

    anybody have the same problems? or is it possible that there is something wrong with my PS2?
  • Which game are you talking about here, firemane?
  • I believe you are talking about FFXII?

    If you are looking for a way to/through the Tchita Uplands, you must go through the Limatra Hills. From the Phon Coast (hunter's camp), head northeast through the Realm of the Elder Dream. Take the northernmost route to the Skytrail. Once there, find the Chosen Path (head eastward) and this will lead you to a save crystal, then the Highlands and further in the game.
  • The only thing is because I CAN'T get through Limatra Hills,can you tell me why??