GTA4 100 percent guide
  • How to completely finish 100% of GTA4

    Here is a quick summary of how to complete Grand Theft Auto 4 100%

    Complete the GTA4 main single player story to get 60%

    • You have to successfully accomplish all story missions and be able to view the game's credits.

    Complete the following activites to get 5%:

    • Play 10 rounds of bowling and win it.
    • Play and win a darts game.
    • Play pool and win it.
    • Beat 10950 in QUB3D by getting the highest score.

    Collect the following items hidden in GTA4 Liberty City for 7%

    • Accomplish all 50 stunt jumps.
    • There are 200 pigeons all over the city. You have to kill all of them.
    • Find all 30 cars that Stevie has told you through text message. Then, steal them all.

    Complete the following extra missions from characters in GTA4 for 8%
    [*]You must complete all 9 Assassinations from the Pay Phone in Alderney.
    [*]Finish first in all of Brucie's 9 races.
    [*]As requested by Brucie via email, you must steal all 10
  • how do i do that show me