• yea so i have noticed there is not much posting happening lately, i donno if every one has been busy or something so i was trying to think of a new thread to get people talking a bit more, could not think of anything. looked at my feet and hey all stars!!

    how many pairs now? 1

    how many pairs all up? 3

    when did you get your 1st? year 4

    what colour(s)? black & white (yr4) camo green (yr5) navy (got then yesterday)

    hi or low? high

    new or worn? I'm not sure yet
  • lol no idea what your talking about haha
  • I think he might be talking about converse shoes and their color and style. I don't own any converses though :(
  • not to sure if they still do cons over here or not,they did a good twenty years ago.and i must agree theres not alot going off lately.
  • I tried to order a pair on cons via the internet the other day and it turns out it's backordered.:(

    I want a pair of shoes I can wear with anything and I just found out how much I like converse so I've been trying to get some, but all they have is the solid colors.