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  • Just wondering how people came by their handles. Some are quite obvious, like Squall's (well, maybe not the 999 bit!) but some are quite bizarre - well, I think so!

    To get the ball rolling, I got mine because of a saying I have (to be used when I'm quite flabberghasted/confounded!):

    "Well pass the lip gloss and call me Lola"! :cheesy:

    Some of my friends just started calling me Lola! :biggrin:
    (And Charm, you still haven't divulged what it is about the name Lola where you come from!!!!)
    The Nicolina bit is just an exotic extension of my first name, Nicole. :cheesy:

    So, time to start spilling the proverbial beans I think, n'est ce pas? ;)
  • i got mine from a video game (starcraft) and i thought it was cool but i think i should change it
  • I just made my name up.
  • Mine is an old thing between friends (going back about five years now).
  • [b]Tiff is just a shorten version of my real name that I've been called by my Family, Friends and Girlfriends over the many year of my life on the planet.

    Christopher - Chris'tiff'er, well you try and say my name when you are a 18 month old child just starting to talk, the name can be a mouthfull for a young child, so they just cut it down to 4 letters.

    The '71 bit at the end is the year I was born and is my Lucky number as well :)

    Now Majik's Name, There's a great story behind his name, but that's been told far too many times. Better not got there again, only a live chat could bring out the truth about it ;)

    Truth! API members can't handle the Truth! (of Majik's name)
  • my name means absolutely nothing.
  • Well ofcourse i got my name at FF IX!

  • My name is pretty simple.

    I love the Resident Evil series so i just switched the words around and came up with this name. :)


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  • I copied this from the "What does your nickname mean" Thread.

    Well no prizes for guessing what mine means!
    My name is Barry & I used to be a chocoholic, I used to eat 1-2Kg of Chocolate a day (I'm not so bad now) & I also went through a phase of wearing brown!!! An uncle of mine said that if I was a bar of chocolate I'd eat myself. So he abbreviated that & I became Bar O'Choc & it stuck. I actually like it. Some of my mates call me Choco for short.
    My nickname used to be Spud! 'cause my second name is Murphy & I'm not going to go into that but a lot of Murphy's are called Spud, usually the coolest one in the family!!! :cool:
    PS: I'm not fat from eating chocolate either! I'm actually in good shape.....I think! ;)

  • Well, last summer I went to visit my Mom in Pennsylvania.
  • I'm completely fasinated by sharks.
  • I use this name for virtually everything. I got it a few years back when i started playing Worms: Armaggeddon over the net. It's not very original (i found there was at least another 2 KiLLa's playing W:A) but i couldn't be bothered thinking of anything else.
  • I think mine's quite explanatory but I'll tell you anyway! I went on holiday last year with my two cousins and my sister and despite the fact that we all drank a LOT that week, I was the only one not to spew! After I came back, I reclaimed my computer and decided to open a hotmail account, and in view of the previous week's activities came up with hangoverqueen. I still deal with my hangovers quite well though...
  • Hi Lola!
    How I got my name....hummmmmmm... Well Its kinda easy to guess where I got my name, have you guessed it yet?
    I am a BIG Star Trek fan and Worf is from a warrior race I really like!
  • short for my real name: Charmaine. No history or story about it. Just simple as it is.
  • my user name is because i have a twin brother whos initials are sc mine are jc and we both use this username for e mail on the internet etc
  • I was just trying to think off a good name when i was registering and I thought up of SpeedDemon.I thought it sounded cool so I used it.
  • Well, as explained in the "What's your Avitar mean" post, the name I use is a expression
  • I think Crash Team Racing is the best game ever and so that explains everything! :P
  • My username mea,I'm a big time Ps player and a hardcore Triple H fan so my name is The Game.:2devilish: :cool: :2devilish: :cool: :mad: :mad:
  • Mine doesn't mean much personnaly, but I just like it because o Billy the Kid in the Westerns
  • Well,I got my name from when i was typing my user name,because when I was thinking of one my dad let a ear splitting fart.So that is my story.
  • My name is something I thought up while I was playing Terranigma for the SNES.
  • For mine, I was playing Colin McRae Rally one day, and was trying to pick a name that would imply what one would see when I went by at HIGH VELOCITY! Anyways, I was brainstorming when suddenly, (for some odd reason), I thought of the way a tube TV shuts down. (ziff..................gone). Although, I'm pretty sure the "ziff" part comes from seeing the logo to Ziff Davis Media, publisher of many of our favorite mags.

    Dat's eet!

  • actually my name is backwards. it's actually ladyziro which is my nickname at school. That or boogie zoogie. Don't ask. It's a REAL long story. Or if you really wanna know that much, ask. :laugh3:
  • i dont really know why I have badboy. I guess when I first got a computer and I picked a user name I thought of badboy because I wanted to be cool or something and ever since I have used that name in every username thingy. The 3223 is beacuse when I played football my number was 32 and I like that number and the 23 is from basketball, you know MJ! Jordan.

    later, piece.!
  • My pretty much explains it self.
  • Mine is not Rocket Science.

    Initials for the first 3.
    I bowled a 300 Game just a few days before I created my name, thus gjc300 :tired:
  • Well mine is my name and the first to letters of my last name.
  • Mine is just complete nonsense.
  • Mine stands for my favorite video game character of all time, Lu Bu! From Dynasty Warriors 2 and 3 he is one bad mother!
  • [b]Devilchild, I said in another thread, I was having a few drinks around a fire on the beach in a little town in Indonesia (don't remember which) and we had attracted the local residents attention, one guy in perticular was harassing us. We had a bottle of 151 that nobody was gonna touch, so I took a mouthful, lit my bic, and let out about a 4 ft flame. The locals had no clue how I did this and the harasser ran screaming and yelling something, one of the less tarrified folks said, in rough english, " hey call you child of the devil." No matter how hard I tryed I could not convince them otherwise. So from then on my friends branded me"Devilchild".
  • [/B]Well, This is now my second attempt to post on this thread since I thought I had completed a post and went to backspace and the whole post disappeared?? :mad: My name is Brasslife and it means that I play all(or almost) brass instruments(musical) for most of my life :0 I chose the name when registering for napster and have struck with it ever since. [U]brasslife [/B] has been part of my online persona for ?? years...I look so young and feel so old.. :mad:
  • Mine is one of my role playing character names... My real name is Elric and all my friends call me Talon cause that character was one of the most influential characters for about 3 years in our gaming seasons.
  • Hello Lola' been a while. i recieved a picture a while back of a couple kissing just was wondering f it was you in that picture? Anyways i got my name cause its what i like to eat. It partly describes my way of life Simple.
  • my name is my nick name but it should be
    {you the man!!!} couse speediebeenie calls me that coue she count get her pc to defrag and i helped her and now she calls me the man and i call her the mom!!!
  • I could of swore (if we swore on this forum) that i've posted on this link before. Oh well, my name comein 3 parts from my surname (Veitch), i then changed the 'i' to a 1 when i got board at the start of the school year and wrote 'Ve1tch' on all my new books, and the 'the' was added when one of my friend rang up, my mum answered, they asked for 'Veitch', she replyed 'which one' to which my friend replyed 'THE Veitch who else??' the name then just stuck.
    Siince then i've got a pc and so i use the name for most things- hotmail address, personal web site address, this great forum and for online games like Command and Conquer:Red Alret 2,and Age of Empires 2.
  • well mine is my nick name but no one ever calls me that they call me drew but i dont even like that name. my reall name is andrew and i cant tell you the rest or ill have to kill you. not hahhahahahahaha
  • I call myself Yoshimitsu 'cause I'm a Tekken Specialist Extrodinaire (not a lie) and Yoshi is one of my favorite fighters.
  • mine is pretty obvious.... real name + year I was born + I am Australian.
  • Mine was a combination of the year I graduate(2004) my favorite playstation character of all the games I've seen.(Red XIII and pups)and then the other part is a guy I like(Kenny) so I just combined the whole thing and it formualted into this thing right here. :read:
  • i chose this name because i love cricket.
  • Lets see.
  • Mine is master man because I like to call mtself the master of every thing!!! Especially wrestling!!! I almost know everything about wrestling.
  • I have a cat and when she was first born she looked blue and her eyes were a bright blue too and so I called her Sapphire.
  • My username came from a name that I have always loved. I want to call our first boy Rex but the wife is dead set against it. Might be able to sway her into letting me give it to him as a middle name, but it would not just be Rex, Rexford it means "King". The 77 is due to the fact that I had some comptuer problems and had to re-register here. So I figured that I would just add my favorite number on the end.
  • T Dog is one of my nicknames, a friend gave it to me because he thinks I'm "Top" Dog. My girfriend says I have puppy dog eyes.. :0 so go figure :D
  • [b]mine is sorta a nickname among my friends.
  • My username is what I have been called from primary school right up to now!! Spike is my nickname, actually it has become my real name at work, no one calls me Steven any more its just spike! Where I get it from is my last name is pike
    and my sig is S Pike, so thats how I got my name spike! the 666 at the end is there to show you how evil I am!
  • my username is just my name (Josh Baker) with 5 random numbers.
  • hello Artaria is a name given to me by my fellow friends.The mean is "bringer of the crimson shadow"

    "be still thy beating heart"
  • Hi!

    I'm new. I got my user name because that's what I've always been called. Since I was about 3 I've been called Angel (my mum's very sentimental, say's I'm always doing nice things for people). Now I've got a tatoo of black angel wings across my back, from shoulder to shoulder! I wanted to be different! :D xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Well as you can see it is all about nice things, yes... very very NICE things muhahahaha! <_<
  • Hey LolaNicolina, it hasn't finished yet, I've still got my post to do! lol

    I got my name really strangely. I registered for something or over ages ago and because I was new, I thought of Newy, Newie and stuff like that, but were all taken. I finnaly got to Newish, and since that long time ago, everyone has called me that.

    (In reply to the below post)
    Hola Lola, again. Thanks for the compliment. After the awards i'm changing it to a different 3D cool spot I have found on the internet!
    Have fun ppl!
  • Well you think that's weird, when I signed up for a Yahell account a couple of years ago (with the name I use here) it came back that there was already someone with that name! How unlikely is that?? It's not like it's common is it?!! And the fact that part of it is actually my real name anyway makes it even more bizarre!

    Thanks for your post - hope you are enjoying the forums. Like the new av by the way although I really liked your Cool Spot one as well!

    See you around!
  • Well mine is a combination of 2 of my nicknames, both which have been around for many years.

    The Fat comes form a nickname that was shortened from Fat ....

    The other Jiffy comes from the firelighters and previous incidents.

  • What does My av say about me? not much. When I joined API there just happned to be an Alien Ant Farm CD by the PC...and I thought what the hell so there you go bye now drive safely...
  • I never came here before...well, anyhow I made up my name and it represents a characteristic I have always wanted to have...the most important in the art of ninja...the silence!...imagine what we could do if nobody saw us coming?!?!?!...he he he he!!!!!...devlish! :ph34r:
  • taken from the song bungel in the jungle from jethro tull.
  • My name was picked out by my's from FF7, he liked the character very much, because of her beauty, he finds me beatifull too, he picked it!!!! :lol:
  • my user name represents the first thing i seen when i was fillin out the log in page.. A matchbox car that belongs to my son that was on the floor... And the 71 is the year I was born... Simple but affective...
  • my user name represents my character . before i even play a new game i look for hints guides and cheats
  • Originally posted by sneaky@Jul 20 2002, 06:52 PM
    my user name represents my character . before i even play a new game i look for hints guides and cheats

    And the point of playing the game after that would be??????

    LOL! Only kidding with ya Sneaky.......or am I?! ;-)
  • My username... While I was getting myself registred in here I was watching an Anime and that's when I heard this name Massaki... It looked cool and now I use it...
  • it came to me in a day dream while I was in my anthro class.
  • mine means: Super saiyajin Macke(dragonballZ)
  • My initials and birthday, hey I'm getting older so it had to be something I'd be able to remember.
  • Mine is my childhood nick-name. My real name is Bridgit, but for some reason my folks started calling me Biddie, which eventually was cut down to Bid as I got older. :D
  • My usrname means:
    He who cometh by nightfall with ***** erected and ***** of thunder, wearing but a gimpmask and high-heeled boots
    :lol: I crack myself up...
    It's accualy the finnish pronunciation(sp?) of my nickname followed by -man.
    -manneman ! Saying it out loud is like eating warm icecream :D :huh:
  • Hmm, well mines based on a couple of songs
    Blacksunshine (the Blaq part of me name) by white zombie
    and Asphalt Kiss, a rewrite of a sisters of mercy song (kiss the carpet) that i done a loooooooooooooooooong looooooong time ago... (93) its been my most used online name, along with Casiopia* and MorningStarAscendant.

    So there you go young miss lola....

    *dont ask, long story, but it basically ends with the line "i told you so..."

  • Mine is kind of based on Reno form FF7 and kind of made up. I want to have a name just like Reno when I was playing FF7 so it would look funny when he was talking to me and I came up with Yeno. Now I use it all the time.
  • I can't remember if posted here (I didn't see my name) but here goes...
    ...I really can't go into how I got my handle name but it has to do something with my real name. take from here take from there and VIOLA you get Kaver
  • mine is my name I use in RPGs Spider plus the Klown part is because I'm a Juggalo which is an ICP/Twiztid fan.
  • It doesn't take a genius to figure mine out...
    Phonetics! ss-too-dee-o. Say it fast! STUDIO!
    That was my original online name for everything, but then some numbnutz said that I was being blasphemous after he found out my name is Stu. (Stu=my first name; Dio=the almighty: Stu is God) All that isn't true...
    The first part IS my name and the whole thing is where I work, in studios. I'm a recording engineer and a carpenter/cabinet maker, I spend 90% of my time in recording studios and in workshops.
    Now you all know the amazing and awesome history that is my handle.
  • I just used my name . Crumbs ! Could that be why I always ended up standing around waiting , holding on to everyone's jackets ?
  • Topper was actually my cat's name that was a dominant little bugger who liked to control everyone in a nonconsensual relationship.

    My other choice would have been my other cat named Boomer who always fell off furniture.
  • exiled is from an online rpg that i loved and couldnt let the name go :punk:
  • MY name says it all, I am Da_pusher man, I deal drugs, you got a problem with that!!! jk jk, Its just a cool name lol :peace:
  • Darkraven? well i got to say that i just thought it would be a cool name for what i am. Unlike ravens though i usually travel ALONE in my things. Thing is i like the anem becasue Ravens are so cool. 17 is my :birthday: day so i thought i should add it.
  • WEll my user anme came to be like this. It was the year 2001. i had beaten FF7 and FF8. So I got the recently new FF9. Iw as in the middle of the game when I had a question. So I looked online and found API. Then I was asked to form a user name. So i thought to myself hmmm I like DAgger in FF9 so why not DaggersLover. So know that my obesssion with her 2 years ago is over people just refer to me as DL. But I accept Daggers Lover all the same:) :peace:
  • Mine says what i am. Im a gamer and a guy.
  • i got mine from the football/soccer team i support
  • Mine is just my favourite comedian/mick taker witha 7 on the end!
  • my names pretty simple to work out, my real name is Ziggy so I thought that if you took off the gy and added meister it would sound pretty cool.
    but if you wanna no how my real name came about you would have to ask my mum (lola) because I dont have a clue. SNOOGANS!!!
  • Shattered Dreamer is a reference to bad things and hardship I have suffered in my teenage life
  • breathoffire4 WAS my favoret game now its ledgend of dragoon so ba bye
  • My name means exactly what I am, a hockey chick, I love hockey and the NHL team Detroit Redwings! Go Red! Go Wings! :clap:
  • The username Kat is always taken so had to come up with something else--my friends had a great time coming up with "Kat Mandu", "Kat A. Strophe", and "Calamity Kat." Finally decided on kat_o_nine, after the cat-o-nine tails whip. It's also kinda after the "Seven of Nine" Star Trek character...
  • I got mine from a charature in a book. He wasn't very important and he die's but i like it.
  • Mine is my school nickname Psyco, my Halo name Lunatic, and my dob 1986.

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