Hells Highway Multiplayer Help!!!
  • Hi, I am new here so if I have posted something that has already been discussed I apologize but I did a search and found nothing. I have been playing Brothers in Arms Hells Highway multiplayer and I can't get my headset to work for it. I can see that other people are chatting but I can't hear them and they can't hear me. I have used it with Navy Seals and had no problems but I can't seem to get it to work for this one. Is there a button you need to press to chat? What am I doing wrong???Someone help please. If you can't chat to your team you are at a huge disadvantage in this game.
  • jManU, after a whole lot of searching here is what I have come up with. It's a solution I found that talks about the headset disconnecting when changing games,maps and so forth. Let me know if this works or not and if not I'll see if I can find something else to help you out.

    "When you start another round, a new game, or change maps, the headset suddenly no longer works. You'll know because the voices start playing through your TV speakers. This is usually just a connection loss, like a phone call hanging up. Tap the "call button" on your BT headset and it should re-connect."
  • Hi Melinda,

    The problem I am having is actually a little different. I have never heard anything through the headset in the game hells highway. The headset is on because it flashes up on the screen that it is connected but I get no audio through it. I can't hear anything and no one can hear me. As I say, the same headset works fine in the Navy Seals game but for some reason it doesn't work in Brothers in Arms......I can see on the screen that others are chatting but I am not able to hear anything.
  • Do you have the headset marked as your default sound output device in the audio settings of the PS3?
  • I do have the headset selected. As I said previously it works fine when I play navy seals games. I am wondering if there is a button i need to press on the controller or something in order to chat. That wouldn't help me hearr other people though so I am at a loss what to do.Can anyone help me ?
  • If memory serves correctly you may need to press the R3 button (push the right analog stick in) to talk.
  • Actually the R3 button makes you use your sights> I have tried just about everything I can think of. I don't see how it could be a seetings or set up problem since it works fine in the SOCOM games. I have tried every button to talk on the controller and even still, I can't hear anyone anyway so I don't think it is a button issue. The instructions in this manual are severly lacking in relation to the multiplayer aspect. All I can say for sure is I know my headset is paired because when I turn it on I see it on my tv screen say my headset is connected. When you say do I have it set to my default audio settings do you mean under the "audio device settings" as the input and output? If so then yes I do......This is so frustrating.