ps3 network connection
  • i can connect to the playstation network and download demos. But i can't play any game online i have tried far cry 2,resistance 2, killzone 2 and lBP. I am connected wirelessly any have a signal strength of 90%. i have moved from Australia to Malaysia and in malaysia i have not been able to play online in Australia it worked perfectly and i was connected the same way
  • You'll need to change some settings on the PS3 as you would have changed internet providers. Also, you may need to check some router settings including the port forwarding.
  • i have already port forwarded but it still doesn't work. Also what settings should i change on my router
  • One other change I would suggest is make sure your PS3's MAC Address is in the router's DHCP Client List.

    I'm thinking, however, you will have to re-do the PS3's connection itself so that it can get the correct information about your new internet provider.
  • i changed the IP address in the ps3 and made the MTU the same in the router and the PS3. I also tried DMZ and it worked for one game of resistance and then stopped working. i will try what you suggested now.Thanks for your help
  • i found DHCP server on my router and when i type the MAC address of the ps3 it says wake up and don't if i should press or not. Should i?
  • i don't how to add mac address to the DHCP clients list my router is a level one wbr 60001
  • When in the clients list you should type the MAC address of the PS3 in the blank provided. There then should be a Save button to click.

    To assign a certain IP address to the PS3 go inti the Security secton of the router and select MAC Control. Make sure MAC Control check box is checked as well as the Connection Control box. Leave the small drop down menu in Connection Control set as "allow". Now, put the MAC Address of the PS3 into one of the blanks for it and fill out the IP address blank with one that is within the router's range of addresses (to avoid any conflicts I would suggest using 110 in that last blank- keeps it high enough to avoid conflicts with anything else going online). Check the C box beside this and select save.

    With the address reserved now for the PS3 you can add this to the PS3's settings and it will know what address it should be getting assigned.
  • i have done what you said and should my games online work immediately or do i have to turn the router and modem off first. Also is your pic from death note
  • Yes, it's usually a good idea to power cycle the router after making these changes, sometimes they won't actually take effect until you do.

    As for my av, that is L from Deathnote- it's one of several avatars i use (tend to change them every so often).
  • now i am getting error 80710102 i don't know how to fix it
  • That error usually comes up when the DNS server numbers are incorrect/ can't be found by the PS3. Go back into your router and make sure of the numbers shon there for these then make sure these are matching exactly in your PS3's settings.
  • ok thx i fixed that problem i will check if online games work yesterday it worked for about and hour then stopped working but when it does work i have massive lag
  • Not sure if there is anything that can be done there- if you are using a cable internet connection or some sort of shared connection and others are on at the same time it can bring down your bandwidth enough to cause that.
  • i will show you my speed it is 3.49mb/s download and upload is 0.35mb/s i have normally two computers running when i am playing ps3
  • the other thing is i had a slower connection in australia but i had no lag and i was connected wirelessly there as well. same number of computers as well
  • You may not be using the same exact type of connection, however- as I said, if this is a cable internet access the bandwidth is shared. The more people/ devices online, the less that is available to the PS3. Try shutting down the PCs and see if this improves things. Maybe something running on there is hogging it.
  • ok i will try that
  • even when i shut everything down i still get massive lag the other problem is that it doesn't work consistently e.g it will work for an hour or two and then not work rest of the day
  • i also now get error 8002ad23 after 30 min of playing
  • can you help plz
  • I'm thinking the problem is your internet provider not being able to provide enough bandwidth to you to be able to get a good online experience. You may want to check out their competition.
  • ok so you think i should change isp's?
  • i have been looking at other isp and what should i be looking for the price is all the same. should i look at the down rate or the upload rate
  • Definitely compare both download and upload speed. I would possibly pay a bit more attention to upload, however, as this is the speed from your computer/ ps3 to the internet. More speed here= less lag.
  • what do you think is a good upload speed for online games
  • I think anything from around 250 kbps upwards is a fine speed for online gaming on the PS3.

    But you're likely to be fine with quite a way under that aswell. ;)
  • what is a good upload speed
  • my upload speed is 440 kb but i am still not able to play i even turn off all my computers when trying to play online still massive lag or just doesn't work