Need your input guys!!!!
  • What would get you on here more often and get you posting!!!??

    everyone is saying its quiet so lets find out off you guys what would get you rocking through here every day!!!
  • I wish I had an answer for you on this one. From what I have seen, there are a lot of members here but very few of them seem to want to post, for whatever reason.

    I remember when (I know, I know...same old story); when AP was so lively it was almost like a drug...HAD to have it every day! The Avatar contests and the "Candidate Teams" were, IMHO, one of the funnest and funniest things I ever participated in on the net. PERIOD.

    I don't know if it is because many of the gamers now are younger and have no interest, or they are older and don't have a lot of extra time.

    Either way, I am all for helping to kick-start the site and getting things rolling again.
  • Its definately a time thing with me, i pop in everyday but don't always post.

    Sometimes i just want to see if anyhting exciting is happening.

    The threads by the staff are great by the way, lots of fun and get the ball rolling quickly.

    I have said it before but it i will TRY to post more often, IF i have anything interesting to say, that is.....
  • well..i used to see the site everyday but..i can't figure out what to
    and...there's no threads to reply there?
  • there are no threads because no one startsthem!! Think of a question about life you wanna ask - about anything!!!

    I cant begin to tell you guys what this site used to be like - a real community!!!! Wanna get that feeling back!!!
  • well..there is always you to start a thread jane..ok well..i'll try to put a thread
  • Remember when we first brought the site back a year or two ago and we had that rpg battle and clan system? That was a blast. My goal was to sign on as much as possible and attack madhtr, lol.

    Lu, we had a world war divided between an axis team and atlas team that was great fun. I know you would have loved it for sure.
  • That sounds like fun Mike, how does it work, if you need help getting it started again i am up for it.

    I know you staff are always busy so happy to take the reigns on that one if you explain how it works, sounds like it would get people posting A LOT!!!!
  • Oh it was fun - lot of mud slinging and name calling lol!!!
  • N.O.B said:
    and...there's no threads to reply there?

    Uh YES, there are plenty of threads to reply to...more than plenty. I will offer this, as I have done so in the past: There is more to these forums than just the current front page. Try searching back a few pages or more and you may surprised what you may see.

    There are a LOT of good topics that have been posted in the past, and just because they haven't been posted in the last 24 hours, week or month does not mean that they are not still good posts.

    Not every post or discussion needs to revolve around the newest game that was released. There are many here who have, play and enjoy the older systems and games, myself included. Many of my PS2 games are "Greatest Hits", which means they are usually one year old or more (since their initial release).

    If you don't have the newest release but have a slew of Greatest Hits or just older games you enjoy, talk about them. Many of us have played or would enjoy reading about your experience with the game you are playing.

    As Jane noted, take a minute to talk about what is going on in your life, movies you like, music you enjoy or whatever. If any member thinks there is "Nothing to talk about"...start a topic and get the ball rolling.

    No one here expects members to post/reply every day as we all have our own schedules and daily lives to attend to; but if all active members were to take the effort to post once or twice a week, it would be quite surprising, given the number of members here, how much buzz the site would again have.
  • Well at the time we were running the invision board software which had that hack available. Think of invision board like firefox, the source code is available and many users would create applications and mods for the boards.

    Later on Jim updated us to the vbulletin software which has far better security, but less hacks.

    Unfortunately the only was we could add it to this board is to find that sort of hack available to vbulletin and change the forum software. This isn't hard to do, but only Jim can do it since you need access to the coding and such.