Guitar Hero Metallica
  • Anyone got this for the PS3? (or even the PS2?)

    Must say that this was worth waiting 4 years & 3 badly produced games (80's, Aerosmith & Legends of Rock)

    You don't have to like Metallica to play this latest, but this is one well built game with tons of multi levels of pure gaming fun. Of course I'm a massive Metallica fan (as too my wife Jane) and it's great to see that the input from James, Lars, Kirk & Rob is the true Metallica game that was so needed after they shelved there first trip into video gaming land (there first attempt was scrapped & then later picked up from another company calling the game "Heavymetal Racing" for the PS2)

    The game has it's feel from the last one, World Tour and the lay out is just overload for true die hard fans as Pushead has done the artwork giving it the "Live Sh!t - Binge & Purge" feel. Quick play does what it says on the tin, just jump in, select instrument, level, songs & thrash away. Career mode is way cool as over the Metallica history events, tours, sets & certain aspects of there music are put in place charting there top place as THE best live act in the world (some of these places I've been as to Jane)

    I opted for the Guitar pack with new Pushead designed face plate and the guitar feels & reacts much better for some reason to World Tour one (Had that & traded in for this new one) but only downfall is that there isn't a Band pack for the game. Drums & Mic have to be bought seprately as a World Tour Game & then the Metallica game on top making it more expensive, but if you already have the pack & extra drum kick peddle is very much needed to nail those mental Lars Ulrich beats. Got mine free as a pre-order.

    So far I've cracked open alot of the game & cracked my wrist & pick fingers to shredding so fast. Your not just stuck with +40 Metallica songs, there are personal selected songs from other artists which some are the original songs from original artists from there Album - Garage Inc. (which I personally feel was the best album they ever done except Master of Puppets)

    Worth a buy? HELL YEAH BABY!!!! :devilish:
  • As a Metallica fan this is definately going to be my first foray into Guitar Hero, will be getting this ASAP.
  • Have never even played GH...but I have looked at it a million times. Is it really that good?

    My concern is that I used to play guitar, and that the game will be a big let-down.