Chat: September 12, 2009
  • Ok, let's try this again.

    I know our attempts have been spotty to say the least (and I even missed the last one I scheduled); but are there any members up for a chat session on August the 12th...that is a full 8 days to make arrangements to get together with other AP members and shoot the breeze.

    I would like to propose a start time of 10:00am PST...this will allow our members from Europe/overseas to participate at a time that is still reasonable.

    If interested, please state so below.

    10:00am PST =

    1:00pm EST
    6:00pm UK
  • I'm interested for sure. I may have to pull out the soda to keep myself awake though. I've got a morning shift that day.:)
  • I can say for sure I won't be there- pulling late shifts at work for the next while thanks to a recent transfer within the center.
  • I wonder if it wouldn't be better to ask members here what days/hours they work, and THEN see what can be worked in so as many as possible are able to attend??
  • Chat has been cancelled!!

    Unfortunately, with even giving a 7 day advanced notice, it would appear as if there is not much interest in the proposed live chat scheduled for 9-12-09. :(

    Due to this reason, I think it would only be fair to consider this worthwhile member-involvement event to be cancelled.

    I will once again try to arrange a similar chat at a future date.

    I am always available to chat/PM via SKYPE. If you would like to add me to your SKYPE contacts, please PM me here and I will add you.