• I just got a ps3 that had an error stating "cannot start system, can not find hard disk" I thought it was the hard drive and changed that and it still says the same thing. Any ideas? I could sure use them
  • Something is wrong with the hard drive interface inside the PS3, it seems. It may be easier to exchange it for another system or contact Sony to arrange a repair/ exchange for free (gotta love one year warranties).
  • I swapped in a 320GB HDD too and have EXACLY the same problem. I contacted SONY and they said they haven't heard of this before. What a load of bunk that is, there is a bunch of us having that. They told me to do all this crazy stuff about reseating, etc... but since it works with a reboot there is no real issue *OR* they know there is an issue but it is self-healing on the restart. This only started for me after the 2.41 update. I have noticed that I seem to have it mostly (only?) when I have accessed the XMB when something else is running. I am trying to find a repeatable pattern to show SONY so they can fix it.... although a reboot does solve it, seeing the "incorrect hard disk" error always gives me a bit of a scare.

    Have you reported the issue to SONY? I backed off because the rep was so convincing that it was "me".... but I won't now.

    PM me and we'll see if we can open a ticket and add our names to the same issue.... same with everyone else with the problem.... message me and we'll go in as a group -- they won't be able to say "we haven't seen that before" when there is a bunch of us with the same symptom.


  • I just upgraded mine to a 500gb Seagate momentus the same type execpt larger size. I have the 60 GB PS3 (NOW 500GB) with all the backwards compatability.

    Here is exactly what I did. i backed up my complete system to an external drive with a 32GB Fat32 partition. (You can not excede 32GB :( for FAT 32) Then I put the new drive in did a restore and it formatted and restored like it supose to. After a reboot everything was fine. Then once every 2 days I will turn it on and get the same message.

    "can not start incorrect hard drive" :frown:

    I get past it by rebooting it usually a few times themn it will work fine. But its a pain to keep doing it. Reseating the drive sometimes works too.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the way I backed up the data and restorted it. Does anyone know if when you do the back up does it keep a record of the drive serial number and associate it with some of the sys files or something? thats the only thing I can come up with. My other friend just upgraded to a 320 and he has no issue. I think he bought the 40 or 80 with no backwards compatability.

    Kenfu10 what model is yours?
  • Hi fellow gamers

    I've had the same prob since buying my ps3 2 years ago it is also a 60 gb it takes two or three attempts to get it started very annoying my warranty has now run out so is my playstation knackered?

  • The PS3 itself isn't, hetfield, but it's possible the hard drive in there may be having problems. You can do as samslack mentioned above and try reseating the drive, just in case it isn't in firmly.
  • Hi lyndon

    Thanks for the swift reply,have tried reseating the harddrive but to no avail the message still comes up :frown:

    If i turn it off then on again it usually remedies it but now it is starting to take two or three attempts :confused: