ps3 exploder product key
  • hi guys i've ran the cd for exploder and installed it but can't use because i have lost my product key any ideas or anyone got a product key i could use please help.
  • Your best bet would be to contact the support of the makers of the disc- they could give you a replacement key. The number should be with the documentation that came with the disc.
  • What is this exploder if i may ask? is it an application that comes with the ps3?
  • zeppi yes it's a cheat program and a media file to put your games on.
  • It's a cheat device for the PS3, currently only available in the UK at the moment. Similar to the Action Replay and GameShark.
  • Ah not for me then, I never use cheats. They spoil the game for me.
  • Is this product ever gonna be released in the U.S.? Cause i ain't gonna fly out of the country just to buy a "Game Genie" type device for my PlayStation. That's kinda silly and an excessive waste of money if you know what i mean.
  • In all likelihood, no. This has just been marketed to the UK and, to be honest, it would not surprise me if Sony would try whatever it could to keep it from being released here as it's completely unlicensed.