wireless connection security issue
  • 60GB software version 3.01

    I recently changed wireless routers and now my PS3 will not connect. I get the message "connection to the access point could not be established. check the security settings for the wireless LAN". The problem is that the wireless LAN does not have any security turned on (I live in the country). The system finds my network but will not connect. Other devices (2 seperate laptops) connect wirelessly to the network but not my PS3 (and no, the 2 laptops are not connected at the same time I am trying to connect my ps3).

    With my previous router, which was the same brand (belkin), the security settings were turned on using the WEP. The ps3 connected perfectly to that setup but will not connect to the new setup. I am thinking that it is expecting security but not finding it??? When it detects the access point it recognizes it as having no security.
  • Problem was with router/modem not ps3. Solved it by resetting everything.