Toyota GT-One "Road Version"
  • This is easily the best car in the game SO FAR. I've won most of the amateur races without having to tweak it yet. I drove the last lap of 100km super speedway backwards with it!!! Still can't get that Formula One car in the background though.
  • Thanks Dog,

    What race did you win it at? And what car did you use.

    It might make a difference on what car you use to win and what bonus car you receive.
    That's why I ask.

    Is that the bonus car in the shadows at Amature GTWorld champ?
    It keeps giving me the fricken RX-8!

  • Yes I won the Toyota GT ONE in the amateur GT Championships, using the Toms Castrol Supra, which is OK for RWD. It takes about 7-10 tries to get the Toyota GT ONE. Otherwise, you get the Nissan Z Concept car, or the Mazda RX8. I can't remember the other car, because frankly it was not worth it! (See my post regarding getting the more difficult cars).
  • [b] the GT -one is sweet but remember to change the oil else the engine will die on you.

    a little tip for getting cool cars in championships is to save after the end of the second last race - then when you finish the last race is if you dont get the car you want reload the game - this will cycle you thru' all the shadowed cars but it will give you each car twice (different colours tho)