Error 8002AD36 lost network connection
  • I have had this internet network connection problem. Usually, I can make it though one game of Warhawk and would get kicked out in the second game. I get logged off sometimes when I am not even playing online. I have open the port on my wireless router (right now I am wired in).

    I have called Sony support 3 times and all their suggestions did not help. My other PS3 in the basement (the router is upstairs)does the exact same thing. I moved the PS3 into the same room as the router so the connection would be better but it didn't help. I always get error message 8002AD36 when I get kicked off any suggestions would help because I can't really play online as it is. Thanks!
  • Sounds like you are having problems regarding the IP address, Bigred. You may want to try setting up a custom Ip address for the PS3 in the router settings then add that address into the PS3's network connection.
  • Any good online guides to set up a custom IP. I have never done it before.
  • You'll need to check the instructions that came with your router (found on the cd). You just need the MAC Address of the PS3.
  • It's your router i have the same problem and it's all happening to my computer, laptop, iPod, and playstation 3 the router keeps cuting in and out