Need for Speed: Shift
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    For those of you who enjoy racing games, especially racing sim type games, the new Need for Speed:Shift is simply awesome!

    The Graphics are astounding, and the game play is about as realistic as one could ever imagine or want. You feel every shift of the gear, every rumble of the track, and with the first-person view of the track (there are several viewpoint options available); Need for Speed:Shift will make you feel as if you are truly in the race.

    Everything from hair-pin turns to challenge your cornering abilities, to long wide-open straight-away's to peg the speedometer, Need for Speed:Shift is a thrill ride you will not forget.

    Hone your skills in single person offline play, then enter the world of the "Big Boys" online for a true racing experience!

    The view of the road when you select to play in First Person view from inside the cockpit of the car is as close as the real thing as you could get. The HUD display just adds to the excitement and thrill that your turbo (or nitrous) powered car can deliver. You feel every little bump, and vibration, and you can actually feel the thrust of these cars as you shift and dump your foot on the gas pedal.

    You can customize your car in a myriad of ways, everything from how it steers, the suspension, gearbox/tranny, drive-train; and even custom paint jobs & rims to match your style and personality.

    You earn cash depending on how well you race and, naturally, where you place in the races. The monies you earn can be applied to improving the performance of your current car, or save your winnings to purchase a better car all together.

    If you want a true racing experience that has just enough bells & whistles to blow you away, but not so complicated it makes your head swim, Need for Speed Shift is the racing game you may want to add to your collection.

    I was planning on getting the new Gran Turismo when it is released, but I think I will save my money as Need for Speed Shift is, to me, absolutely astounding.

    See you on the tracks!!!

  • I know that after 100+ views, some of our members here have to have this awesome racing game!

    Don't be shy, let us know who has it and what you think of it.
  • Brilliant game - slightly more arcadey than GT5, a 'simcade' if you will, but still enough to tinker with. Loving the online mode and also the fact that even in career mode you can be ranked against your friends - so adds another element to the gameplay.

    Would be interested in your views about which car for which tier/events?

    My fave: Tier 1: Audi TT (upgrades + works)
    Tier 2: Elise 111R (works)
    Tier 3: Lambo LP640 works
    Tier 4: Carerra GT

  • well....i've borrowed the game from one of my fellows and i've succesfully dominated the game.
    d**n that's one hell of a game the graphics are so fu**** awesome

    my fave cars are: corvette Z06,aston martin v8 vantage-DB9,lamborgini murci,and...
    dunno ^^

    by the way..those pics were on HD output,correct? cuz i've played the game on other setting and it was totally different
    thanks for preview...
  • yeah that game is nothing like shift 2