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  • GT5 Prologue on PS3 is not the full Gran Turismo 5 game, so what do you get for your money? GT5 Prologue offers you over 40 cars to choose from and five real-life tracks to race your cars around, including the likes of the world-famous Suzuka racetrack in Japan.

    If you need any help or advice with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for the Sony PS3 video game console, please ask you question below and one of our GT5 experts will help you.
  • Hi..
    Trying to update my GT5 Prolouge, but i just wont work.
    Its a japanese version, and i hav a japanese account.
    Tried it Wireless and wired with no fire wall same result, the download goes like *rap and stops around 5-10 % with a warning triangle.
    Tried the update when promted at start of game, and in the game with chosing "news" and "GT-TV" same result.
    Tried at least 15 times now..
    Anyone ?
  • The servers themselves may be overly busy with other gamers grabbing the update. Also, the extra distance the update has to travel ( would I be correct given your chosen name you are in Sweden?) may be making your connection to the Japanese server somewhat lacklustre. Give it a break for maybe a couple of hours and give it another try then- it will be night time in Japan and the servers may not be as busy by then.
  • Yes, i'm in Sweden.. half way around the globe from JP.
    Japan are 9 hours ahead of the cold country in north, that would give me about 03.30 Tokyotime, i'll wait another hour and have another go.
  • i go into my playstation store and there is no gt5 prologue?????????
  • Gran Turismo 5 prologue is only available in the Japanese PlayStation store, baggy- it hasn't been released anywhere else as of yet.
  • when i go there it asks me to pay i think?????
  • Yes it does- GT5 prologue isn't free. It costs 4500 yen, actually. In order to get it you'll need to get some money into that account's wallet. There is one person on eBay that is selling Japanese PSN cards for doing this- the price is about $55 US (which is pretty close to the actual value of the cards).
  • just a quick note on updating the game...

    After you have purchased the game from the Japanese PSN store and downloaded it, you will still have to perform another update of the game that adds the online racing component.

    I have no idea how large this download is, but it took me the same length of time to download (maybe a bit longer) than downloading the whole game.

    While mine updated first time, there have been a large number of people complaining that the update fails for them at some point or will not load at all. The only answer is to keep trying I am afraid.

    By sheer luck, I downloaded mine at about 5am Japanese time and I guess there was very few other people online at the same time.

    The online portion of GT5 Prologue makes this cut down version of the game worth buying and even though you will be racing against mostly Japanese racers there has been very few games where there is any lag (delay/jumpiness) during the races.
  • JIM b STAFF do you have the photo details ooff the extra download and which bits to fill in like som sites have for the original download and can you pay for the original download with a british visa card?? many thanks Baggy.
  • No, you can't use a British Visa card to pay for things on a Japanese account- they will only accept cards issued to addresses in Japan. Your best bet for being able to buy games from the Japanese store is the eBay method I talked about above. Go to eBay and search for PlayStation Store Network card and you will find him. You would be able to pay him via PayPal (which can be funded through your credit card) and he'll send the code along with directions on how to enter it in.
  • Thanks 4 all the help, have got a japanese version on route, have ordered it on disc, many thanks and looking forward to racing some of ya Baggy.
  • Hi..
    just got the jpn version gt5 ...can i get the manuel in english somewhere online?
    And, can i play 2 player mode like on all other previous versions of gran turismo? I hope so!! A real shame if sony did not insist on that feature of the greatest car game on earth!!!

  • You won't be finding an English version of the manual until it actually gets released in North America, hardwood.

    As for the two player, I can't say for sure as i haven't played it myself- you do get up to 16 player online multiplayer, though.
  • Thanks for your quick man
  • Hey everyone...I bought GT Prologue and am wondering how to play th other races, i beat all 3 Sunday cup races, but obviously being I cant read Japanese I cant figure out how to race in the other races listed, has anyone races in anything besides the Sunday cup?
  • hello
    iam in same boat
    win some more races to win credits & then buy the relevant cars alfa 147 for the alfa 147 trial suzuki swift for swift sport trial you will suss the others out
    but let me know if you work out what car is required for class c mission race as i havnot got a clue.
    good luck.....:o
  • :frown: Hi I'm new on this site im a real fan of GT and now i got the japanese version of GT5 prologue for me it is and it has been the most incredible car game ever. it is a little difficult for me due the japanese version but to be honest you dont nee to read what you just need is drive. OK my question is I've already started playing and i passed section C even the Daytona race with the HONDA , Im in section B and I have 5 gold and 2 bronce cups but I can not get through the las DAYTONA (MISSION RACE) and i really dont know which car I have to use or is that in order to get in that race i have to have all gold's cup pls someone who knows let me know.
    Juan from Panama
  • hi i am stuck on the class b high speed ring how do i get this car it is prob so easy but cant find it thanks
  • Question Is this better than Forza Motorsport 2 for the Xbox360??
    I need to know so I can shove it in my buddies face...
  • Jhayman, be better than the fanboys. Let them act like idiots and enjoy what you have. ;)
  • any body now the best set up for ferrari f40 race s-class really stuck..
  • Turn the traction control completely off. I turned the dampers and the springs up a bit, put the ride height at 0.

    First couple of corners are really important. Go round the outside of them and try to get infront of that annoying yellow car. If you're not in 3rd by the time you get to that tight S bend turn in sharpe and go across the grass. You'll get a 4 sec penalty but its quicker! Hope that helps

    Just so you know you need to do all S class b4 you can buy the F1 car. Don't just need 2,000,000!
  • If you get stuck on S-7 and S-10 try using the Lotus Elise but not the 111R version.

    Turn the traction control to about 3 and whack the bhp up and weight right down. Should be more or less 700.

    These courses take a bit of practice but not that hard after a few goes.
  • how do you know what car is in what class?
    and why cant i race my c4 online there isnt any races for the slower cars?
  • hi why cant i get on line with gt5 it just keeps saying down load failed please help.
  • Your online connection has worked fine with other games, i take it? The server may be having a bit of trouble keeping up with the demand for the update, seeing as it was just recently released. You may want to try again later.
  • hi i have stuck in s-7 , s-10 and f-40 i try with lotus elise/tuned and with the setings for f-40 you said but nothing.And now the ps3gt they updaiting the prologue and its harder .give me all the setings step by step please if you cant.thanx.

    manual or automatic?
  • Is there any way to get a non logitech wheel working with GT5:p because I don't really want to buy a new one??
  • Pigface, i moved your original thread about this into the PS3 Console section seeing as it's more hardware related than the game itself.

    What wheel are you trying to get to work? Some of the third party wheels won't work with the PS3 at all while others will but just not for PS3 games.
  • is there plans to release more tracks and veichles ? and is top gear track being put on prologue aswell as full game?
  • Sony did say there would be downloadable content made available for Prologue but as of yet they do not have any official news regarding what will be made available or when it will be.

    The Top Gear site did report their track was going to be a part of Gran Turismo 5 back in October 2007. Nothing more has been said since so no idea if it is going to be in Prologue or the full on Gran Turismo 5. Going to have to wait for further developments there.
  • have you seen any sites that give perfect set ups for cars got a few mastered for specific tracks but struggling to get most out of a couple of cars like the jaguar and dodge viper srt10.
  • Haven't seen much around, actually- to be honest, we wouldn't be allowed to post them here if we did anyway. Guess most people are hanging on to their secrets for success.
  • the bar stuards, keep playing expert 700 p to get more cash but highest ive finished is 5th and that was only one my average is 9th or 10th out of 15 or 16 players a bit poo really. I watched a documentary witht the maker who said he will be making a community thing so can invite friends and privater matches and the like is that going just to be in the full game.
    In short i guess im really asking is what we have at the moment all where gonna get till 09 cos if so im gonna cry.
  • Going by the transcript of the chat with the devs over in the North American Sony site it definitely is not all there yet- there will be extras to download in the future before Gran Turismo 5 proper comes out. They just don't have anything concrete to announce yet. When something is announced we'll be reporting it in the news section.
  • Hi I really need help with S-Class Tuned races as I just can't seem to get any better than 5th and i'm always about 6 seconds behind 3rd. I've tried using a Lotus Elise 11R Tuned which is the car that has got me 5th in the 1st 630PP race but really struggling to get any better than that.
    Any advice on which car I should try using?
  • I could use some help as well.......

    For the life of me I cant seem to beat the S class races 7 and 10 no matter what I do??????

    I can only seem to get 4th or 5th in either race...

    What car and set up is reccommended????

    Any help will be greatly accepted...

    Thx CRW1
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Haven't seen much around, actually- to be honest, we wouldn't be allowed to post them here if we did anyway. Guess most people are hanging on to their secrets for success.

    Why wouldnt we be allowed to post them here??
  • We ask that people not link to other gaming related web sites- we'd rather let them pay for the plug. ;)
  • Oh I got ya..
    I was thinking that you were saying you wouldnt be allowed to post the tuning specs.

    Wasnt thinking about posting an enemy web page!:D :D :p
  • corvette tuned
    skyline tuned
  • sam5890 said:
    hi i am stuck on the class b high speed ring how do i get this car it is prob so easy but cant find it thanks

    The only car that will run in race B-6 is the Honda Integra Type R. I have raced it about 200 times and can do no better than 6 or 7 of the 16 cars. Regardless of technique it doesn't seem fast enough. Does anyone know a work around on this puzzle?
  • Check out your first thread johnnyboy. Hopefully there will be something to help you in there...;)
  • Got the Force GT steering wheel. What gives with this wheel?? It keeps going left/right/left/right weaving all over the track. I can control my car better with the regular controller! The wheel is supposed to give more control, not less.
  • soobahk said:
    Got the Force GT steering wheel. What gives with this wheel?? It keeps going left/right/left/right weaving all over the track. I can control my car better with the regular controller! The wheel is supposed to give more control, not less.

    I bought the wheel myself, I was able to control the car but..... Hair pin turns were almost impossible.

    Im sure its like anyone new to GT isnt going to be able to drive worth a crap untill they get the hang of things after spending 100's of hours like most of us have.

    I must say that I returned my wheel and went back to the good ol' controller.
    I just dont have the patience to re-learn how to drive GT5 with a wheel.

    If I can suggest maybe some of the nascar games for use with the wheel you might have more fun with it.

  • I've been reading the response to both the GT5 Prologue game as well as the Driving Force GT wheel at one of the major reseller's site. The reviews on the interaction between the game and the steering wheel is fantastic! Maybe I just got a defective one. All of the response's clearly state that the use of the Driving Force GT with the game is far more accurate than using the standard hand controller. Guess I'll have to request a replacement to try before I request a refund. It's just about impossible to finish everything up to Class A without the Driving Force GT.
  • I wouldn't believe everything they say on a sellers site soobahk. It's probably just marketing jargon to try and sell the product. I would say using a standard controller is always easier and more accurate than using a driving wheel. It always has been in a lot of people's opinions i'm afraid.
  • I need help with S class S6, S7 & S10...I cant seem to get better then 4th and I'm to the point of not even trying anymore! Help Please!!!!
  • tell me cars and setups
  • Please tell me how to get past the single lap race in b class with the honda
  • I'm afraid there's not a lot we can do for you here, neil. Unless some of our other members who play the game offer you some setup suggestions, you're just going to have to keep on trying. Eventually you'll get it.:)
  • lower the gear ration slightly lower and stiffen the suspension and thats it really.
  • hi everyone,

    i need help passing the S events which seems rather difficult comparing the other events.

    could you help me with what cars to purchase and how to be quick tuned.

  • elise 11nr t exremely low set up and hard suspension pretty much fully lowered and fully hardened. change gear ration to quite low so you achieve the top speed at the longest straight. that principle goes for every car you choose. also the s2000 t and other tuned cars are really the only ones you want to be driving in this class.
  • Hi
    Any tips on the 1 lap race in A class with the Ferrari? The best I have done is 6th and still 7 or 8 secs behind the leader. I don't believe it is possible to make this time.
  • high there mate yeh i completed the entire game and i would say ive not played it in a bit, the f430 was best used either extremely low and hard sprung say a couple off being the lowest and abot 9 0r 10 stiff ness at the front and back. Aswell as that you could try it about 7/8 lowered and about 8 for hardness. Your car should be able to reach top speed on the longest straight part of the course at he latest point possible so lower your gear ratio if you top speed is larger than what your actually acheiving on the track that will increaaze your acceleration and keep you car in higher revs round corners taking massive amount of time off your lap. I would stronly recommend learning manual gears on this game take time to learn each car changing gear at the right time getting full revs and having fuill freedom dropping gerars to the appropiate ones getting ready for the corners. If you ever have the potion to go for better tyres always go for the best ones. any more question just fire away im more than happy to help.
  • Hi already finish the all class events but I don't know how to finished the Dealerships Events like Acura, Aston Martin, Dodge, Mines, Blitz, GT among others, I've to say that this not happen with all the brands cos I won several gold cups.

    I really want to finish the entire game so Do I have to finish all the game with gold or what I've to do to open all the events with the Dealers?

    Rgds from Mx.
  • Need some help on changing settings for 2nd controller. I changed the functions for steering to right thumb on the nr1 controller and want the Nr2 controller the same. Do not get the 2nd controller setup changed.

  • hi gang,
    Need some help on changing sounds settings, because i can not turn off the music/song during the races, i would like listen just revs from my engine, not tchaykovski annoing my brain,i dont want music and engine sound together, anyone to help me on this?


  • Hi everybody,
    I bought PS3-160Gb and GT5 in bundle. Why do I need to sing in everytime I want to play GT5? Sometimes my internet connection doesn't work and I cannot play!!! :( Is there any setting which may help me to avoid signing in to play?
    for the sake of clarity, I fully downloaded the game. I activated the promotoion code. There were further 4 games in bundle a none of them needs to sign in. Help me, please!
    Take care to you all
  • I am Unable to complete A with the F430. Help 50 trys. The highest i finished Is 7th what do have to do to complete and move on to next level.
  • I'm having some difficulty passing the last test in S Class using the BNR 34 Skyline. Is there any one that can help me with the settings of my car so I don't lose speed but maintain control?
  • hello , i just bought gt5 prologue and i am having trouble beating some S-CLASS EVENTS S-7 , S-10 , i tried the mines skyline but not sure how to set up the quick tune any help would be great...thanx so much
  • I was going through the gt5 prologue cheats and I came about this cheat, Gran Turismo 5 Prolog 2MILLION Cheat Code
    Press Pause, Then X, X, O, Square Square, R3!! but it doesnt tell you where to press these buttons like in the main menu or in game play or a sertain track! Can you help with this? Thanks!
  • Race A-8, how can I win this race? I tried almost everything possible. Would going through the pits help, what do you suggest?
  • im in time trial mode but cant seem to quick tune my cars.have completed all licences and events in why cant i tune these up HELLLPPP
  • I've been trying to get the F1 Ferrari without any cheats for months, but now I'm fed up. I've completed all other missions, most of them gold just using the standard PS3 controller so I think I am a decent driver, it's just that I can't get through that very last mission. I am in the top 100 ranking with some other cars but I want to see where I end up driving the F1 Ferrari.
    So, please give me some tips how to complete this mission: what car is best, which settings, driving tips, anything. Please.
  • drlabby said:
    Race A-8, how can I win this race? I tried almost everything possible. Would going through the pits help, what do you suggest?

    You probably won this race by now, but if you haven't: going thru the pits is possible but does not really help. It also took me a zillion times trying but I found cutting the corners in the last 2 chicanes very useful. With some luck you can pass 2-3 cars out-breaking them on the inside coming from the long straight by only slightly steering to the left onto the grass. Aim such that you're going in a straight line over the grass to the inside of the right turn. Overtake another 2 cars on the inside as you regain grip coming onto the tarmac again since these cars are going relatively slow in the right turn as they stayed on the tarmac throughout the chicane. Keep accelerating and try to do more or less the same on the following left-right chicane onto the banked curve. Its essential not to lose speed here and overtake another 2-3 cars.

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