• I also have a little ventilator, i mean it is like a cooling machine that you can take everywhere, it is for hot days. Perhaps it works but ima also try with the hose, do you think the coller machine im talking will also help?
  • Well my father and i decided to take a shot on vaccuming, i think the problem is with the lens, does it still help taking all the dust out?
  • ahh btw lyndon, this is a question out of context, there is another error that i had which was that i played cod4 online and it said downloading game settings and i couldnt get any points, the error said:coulndt get free content pack index. Many ppl had these problems from updates. Do you have a possible answer for me to help them?My problem dissapeared alone.
  • Ive vaccumed the ps3...2 mins of blu ray movie until it freezed (today),1 free for all of cod4, i won it btw with 25 and 2(yesterday). =) But its going for service.
  • Yep, there's really no avoiding it. That error is for hardware failure, usually dealing with the Blu-Ray diode itself.
  • Good evening. Error code 80010514 poped up on my PS3, after 5 days of playing "Batman Arkham Asylum". Could I get the number to Sony, and the extention of the best operator to talk to?
  • The number in North America is 1-800-345-7669. You wouldn't be able to be transferred to a particular operator (don't even know any names there anyway) but any of the agents you have will be able to give you your options.
  • Thank you for responding so quickly.
  • Ok. This REALLY BITES! Honestly I must have been living under a rock i never heard of this 80010514 error before. But as I have been reading and finding out for myself; as all of you and so many others; the I'm screwed. I started getting the code a couple days ago. I was Playing INFAMOUS and beat it, played it 4 times in a row and never had a problem with it. all of a sudden i get freezing and audio glitching, then a corrupted data message and then hard drive corruption messages. I've tried all trickes on youtube.com but to no avail. I'm going to call sony in the morninmg, i got the nymber. but i dont play online games with my ps3, ever. and to instantly do so it freaked me out. but now i know it isnt just me. But i got my ps3 as a gift for christmas and i was never given the receipt. You still think that i can get mine replaced as well it is only the 40 gig. any help would be appriciated,.;:
  • I would contact the people that gave you your system and ask if they still have that receipt. Without proof of purchase Sony will be wanting to charge $150 to fix things.
  • It is, for sure, caused by the copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare that's out in my car right now. I bought COD4 when it launched, and the game was played for hours and hours. This past June I let a girl borrow my PS3 with COD4. She said the game worked a few times then, when starting the game, error code 80010514 would come up. I had another copy of COD4 that worked on my other PS3 at my apartment. I took that copy over to this girl's house, and it also got the 80010514 code. I brought both copies back to my apartment and the one the girl had borrowed did not work. The second copy worked a few more times at my apartment, then I got the code there as well. I sold the PS3 I let the girl borrow since Sony directly told me the Blu Ray drive was in the process of failing. But, the PS3 at my apartment my brother wanted to keep. Soon after, Guitar Hero 3 started with the error code. Within a few months, MGS4, Burnout Paradise, Splinter Cell, etc., all got the error code. Get this...I go out the day before yesterday and bought a new PS3 slim. Anyhow, I brought the brand new PS3 home, unwrapped it, threw COD4 in it, and I got the error code. So I try GH3, and I get the error code. I wrap the new PS3 up to exchange because I know it is screwed up now. On the way back to Walmart to exchange it, I stop at Gamestop and ask if they have a PS3 I can try COD4 on. They had a used PS3 slim. They took it out of the box, hooked er up, threw COD4 in, and the error code popped up again. I really think the problem has something to do with a combination of PS3 updates and a select few game disks of the same title. I think, somehow, that there is some sort of conflict between the PS3 update and a select (very) few COD4s, in my case. It could be who knows what other titles also, but rare. I do know both Sony and Activision said to clear the game data utility info, but there was never any on my new PS3. The game wouldn't even throw that info in the game data utility because I went right there and looked after I got the code. As a matter of fact, Gamestop would have bought the COD4 and GH3 from me upon visual inspection. Activision said that it's not a scratch on the game disk causing the issue because the PS3 would just not recognize the disk. The game looks like new, and I have played worse rented games. Sony also told me that the code is a general code for a number of unrelated technical issues. Activision says to call Sony and Sony says to call Activision. It's like dealing with the DMV or Veterans Affairs. One thing is for certain, the copy of COD4 I have that used to work reproduced the error on 2 PS3 slims and was the downfall of my old PS3's.
  • I purchased my 60gig PS3 in October, 2007. I did not purchase any extended warranty as I felt there should have been no need to. I did not notice my problem after any firmware update, I believe this to be concidental.

    In November, 2008, my PS3 encountered a problem. Low and behold, it was this infamous error 80010514. I contacted SONY about this. Because this was now out of the 12 month warranty , they wanted to charge me the $150usd.

    At that time, there was not much information out on this error code just yet. I did some of my own troubleshooting. I found that all red-diode discs would work. That means that CD's, DVD's, & PS2 games all worked just fine. But any games read by the blue-diode would not work (PS3 games & Blu-Ray DVD's).

    Like many others, I continually ejected and reinserted the disc trying to get a game to work and get past the error. Eventually the error message stopped appearing. All I would see then was that the PS3 was trying to read the disc with the little icon in my XMB (brainfart: I cannot remember if this is the correct acronym).

    I eventually gave up after a month or two and some serious bitc*ing with SONY (this will get you nowhere except for having a strained voice). Several months later I picked it back up. I popped in a game, Sid's Civilization Revolution, and it worked....for about ten minutes then I got the error message again.

    I checked a forum. I cleaned my laser diode; Nothing happened! I decided to change out my entire laser component which I did with patience and diligence. I only recommend that you do this if out of warranty, and have absolute confidence in what you are doing. Eureka! This worked, but only for several hours of gaming (COD4). I have left it alone sense then which has been about 8 months with one excepption a couple of months ago when I picked it up and it worked only up until the Playstation3 chime at the beginning of a game.

    I love my PS3 but I do not want to pay SONY $150usd for a chance that the next one will work properly for a few years. Any ideas of what I should do here?
  • I honestly would either buckle down and pay out the $150 to have it fixed or pay the extra to get a brand new system and start with a fresh one year warranty. Your only other option would be to find someone local to try making a fix (which may be near impossible depending on location).
  • hi there, i have a 80gig ps3 and my motorstorm PR gives me this error
    (80010514). my tekken 6 and resistance 2 work perfectly! so is this a hardware problem, or is my motorstorm stuffed? is there any fix?
  • That code, as mentioned above, is a sign of hardware failure. You may find it eventually not reading any blu-ray discs. You'll want to check around for someone that can do repairs or contact Sony for options. Either way it will cost some cash if out of warranty.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    That code, as mentioned above, is a sign of hardware failure. You may find it eventually not reading any blu-ray discs. You'll want to check around for someone that can do repairs or contact Sony for options. Either way it will cost some cash if out of warranty.

    Hi I read this topic but I have a different opinion.
    Here is my case:
    I have a video store, and I rent games too.
    At this time, I own 120 different PS3 games, and 41 of them do not work. They are unscratched, and they look like new.

    When I put a game in a PS3 console, (3.15 most of them), it starts reading it for about five seconds, and then I get a message with error code 80010514. When I press O, it goes back to the first screen and I can see the graphics of this game, but if I press start again, the same error 80010514 pops in the screen. It never starts making the installation.
    I tried them on two or three different consoles, and even at the playstation service store, where they told me that these games are damaged, but they couldn't help me understand why.
    At first, they all were working fine, but suddenly one by one was stopping.
    These games were rented from several customers, and there is no way that anyone did something to them because I checked the last ones and they didn't much at all. I even looked with a magnifying lens, but I saw nothing.
    I see all those different things mentioned by many people having 80010514 problem, but in most cases their machine had some kind of problem. Why do I have a game problem? Why games been played for sometimes suddenly do not play anywhere at all?
    How can a disc change its structure? Isn
  • Hey guys, I just recieved this error message today. I recently bought Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero World Tour. I played all the way through Guitar Hero III before trying World Tour and it comes up with this error code.
    I bought it off Ebay and it was supposedly used a couple of times and in good condition. The disk was cleaned horribly and had water stains all over it but I cleaned it off and there are no visible marks or scratches. Could this mean its a problem with the disk? Everyone seems to be saying its a problem with the blu ray thingy, but I'm going through all my games now and it only seems to be a problem with World Tour.
    I haven't played any games for a long session after recieving this error, so I don't know yet if it'll crash while I'm playing. I'm just trying them to see if it actually plays them, as World Tour comes up with the error before it even installs. Will the error spread to my other games, or could it possibly just be a problem with the disk?
  • The code is, as most have said before, normally an indicator of hardware failure. Sony themselves even describe it as such in their error code database.

    Now, it is possible the World Tour disc is completely messed up and the PS3 just will not read it, making the PS3 give this error. If you can, have someone try it on their own PS3 and see if it gives him the same thing. If it does, it's the disc. If it doesn't, time to call Sony.
  • Ok my sons recently had this error. Tonight actually. I tried several different things to resolve it. The end result was to back up the system and restore it and that worked. All was good after that. However, I must say that an external HD will not work for a backup at least mine did not. Be ready to loose some date. It is the nature of the beast so to say. I hope this works for you guys
  • I have a post on our issue with this error. Prior to the error all was good. Then my son downloaded a screen shot of a blackops pic and BAM ps3 went down. I figure the pic had an embeded code and jake our sys. Did a sys restore and all is good. Worked for us hope it works for you guys
  • hi i wonder if you could help i had this error 80010514 the other day and now unable to play modern warfare 2 or battlefield bad company 2 yet i am able to play mercenaries 2 i am unable to update any of my games so just a bit puzzeld not sure what to do please can you advise thank you
  • You can try what Enrodd did and do a system restore to fix things up but in most cases that code means some hardware has failed, which will mean contacting Sony about repairs.
  • hi i havedone a full system restore but still the same problem could you possibly tell me what hardware has failed or is that going to be defferent for each ps3 system with that error thank you
  • No way of knowing for sure what has failed, it can be different for each. If the system restore did not work then I'm afraid it's time to contact Sony's customer service about getting arrangements made to send your system in.

    The numbers for contacting Sony for both North America and the UK can be found in earlier posts of this thread.
  • Hey, you guys are saying that ye were told it was a hardware failure! if so and it is this blue-ray diode, then surely when it fails and you are told the error has occoured, it will always happen! This makes sense but why do some games then read without a problem one day and then not at all the next day?

    Tried the system restore after the problem occoured every couple of days and then one day constantly! Once the restore was completed, i tried one of the problematic games and it worked without pause! then i tried another "problem game" and it didn't work at all! Seems like the system is confused!

    Gettin pretty frustrating and no-one seems to be able to pin point what the problem is! Has anyone else had the problem occuring on "special" occasion? as in from day to day but not consistently??

  • Oh and if this is the only way to fix it is there a number for Sony Germany? Please and thank you!
  • That is the word according to the error code checker (which we have linked to in the top thread in this section).

    As for a German support number, had to do a bit of digging over at the official PlayStation Germany site to find it. The number to call should be 01805 - 76 69 77. They are available Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 8 PM local time.
  • Nice one Lyndon! Sound!
  • Just noticed over the last few evenings if you turn your ps on and leave it with the game highlighted in the XMB menu for 10 or 15 mins it will read and start! when you change the disc you'll have to do it again! this is when the problem isn't consistant! Hope this helps some of ye!
  • iv just got the same problem with my 60gb, iv had it since release day and no problems until now, but it's only with one game, wwe smackdown vs raw 2011, i wouldnt mind as much but i only need one more trophy :( help meeee
  • Unfortunately, Kaisen, there isn't anything that can be done other than contact Sony. The number to call should be in your PS3's manual or do some digging in your region's official PS3 site's support section.
  • uurrggghhhh effort :( thanks though.
  • Okay i think i finally figured it out for my playstation! When you turn the system on the playstation makes an internal humming noise! Wait for this to stop, and when it does bob's your uncle! it should read the disc! you should only have to wait 5-8 mins! Yay! Hope this helps!!
  • Hi guys,

    So i recieved this dreaded error code "80010514" last night when trying to play F12010 all other game and everything else worked fine so i sat there looking though forums for a quick fix for a couple of hours and came up trumps...

    Most people are putting it down to the hardware, laser/blueray or software/firmware which all could be right depending on the problem your having with the "80010514" code.

    My belief is that corrupted data comes with PS3 updates or PS store downloads, of course sony will never tell you this.

    I tried everything people said i tried safe mode, reset default setting & restore file system none of these worked in my case.

    But i got to thinking why not just delete the game data maybe its corrupted its self....


    DO AT YOUR OWN RISK - remember this is a fix for if only 1 game isnt working.

    Step 1 - Back up your game save on a USB

    Step 2 - Delete the game data for the game that is recieveing the error code "80010514"

    Step 3 - Restart the PS3

    Step 4 - Reinstall the game and update it if needed (after a short while you should recieve a repair corrupted data notice click yes this should take a couple of minuites

    step 5 - restart the game to ensure its working and enjoy, if the disc symbol does not work press triangle on the disc and click start....

    I hope this works for you it did me...also its pointless ringing sony unless you want a new PS3 sending out to you which take 2 - 4 weeks they just tell you its a blueray problem which in my case was a load of bull.
  • I've recently been having this problem myself and I found the best way round it is instead of pressing the 'X button' on the disc icon to play the game as you usually would, press the 'triangle button' which brings up a 'sub menu' then choose play game! This seems to work for me, hope it does you guys!!!
  • would a way to fix this problem be to just separately buy a new blu-ray disc drive and replace the drive manually? i would just call sony and see about replacing this 1 but i've had this console since the christmas of 2009 so my warranty will have ran out by now.
  • i found if i left my ps3 off for hour or two it plays the game if you start the game soon as you turn on the ps3. this error only appears when i have played for a while then i insert my grand tourismo 5 cd and play and pop comes the error. So i gather the heat has a play in the problem as the ps3 needs to be cold to play gt5. weird? as its only my gt5 cd with no scratch's! any help would be much appropriated.
  • If it is just Gran Turismo this happens with, try deleting the data from the Game Data folder for the game and let the system re-install it from the disc. If it continues you'll have to contact Sony for repairs as it is most likely a hardware issue.
  • I bought my PS3 from a Best buy here in the US and paid for an additional warranty. I got this Freaking error code about a week ago right before the PSN servers came back up and running. I tried to do as ShandyDee had suggested but unfortunately the game I am trying to Back up is cannot be backed up "Copying is Prohibited" , Stupid UFC UNDISPUTED 2010. so now I guess Ill have to get my Lazy @$$ up and bring my PS3 into the store and pay them to do a diagnostic even though I already know what the error code is and what the problem is. wondering if I can tell them just to replace the BLU-RAY disk drive? I've tried all the other suggestions besides the full restore thing as I don't want to lose my Game save for UFC UNDISTPUTED 2010. I guess I played the heck out of that disk too.

    All my other DISKS work and start of kinda slow but run none the less. UFC UNDISPUTED 2010 is my problem game.
  • In that case, try what i suggested above and see if that works. Delete the UFC info from the Game Info folder then let the system re-instal that from the disc.
  • There is another way to correct this error code. From what I know this is not an everytime fix, but, it's worth a shot.

    I only experienced this problem when attempting to run anything disc based (games, movies, etc). Downloaded games worked fine.

    This error could be occuring because your flash memory files may be damaged or corrupted. Luckily, you can still operate the system and try the following. Please read the instructions first before executing.

    Step 1: Turn of your console and wait til you get the red "standby" light near the power button.

    Step 2: Press and HOLD the power button. The system will beep once and then beep once more while you hold the power button. After a few moments the system will shut off. Release power button.

    Step 3: After the system shuts down and is back in standby, press and hold the power button again. This time, the console will beep once, and then a few seconds later, will beep twice. IMMEDIATELY RELEASE THE POWER BUTTON.

    Step 4: Connect your controller via a USB to the consol.

    Step 5: Will with be prompted with a list of options.... I CANNOT STRESS HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS!!!! CHOOSE OPTION 3: "Restore file system"

    Step 6: You will get prompted by a few set up menus regaurding your video and audio options. Select the options that apply to you and your set up.

    Step 7: Your system will prompt that damaged files were detected and will ask if you'd like to repair these files. Press the X button.

    Step 8: After the repair is finished, your system will boot. At this time, you can attempt to run a disc and see if the problem was corrected.

    Note: I had to follow this process approximately 6 times before gaming resumed to full performance.

    This is what worked for me. Hope it works for you. If it doesn't, you're probably going to have to send in your console.

    Good Luck.

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