Error 80010514 on PS3 games?
  • Hi I read some topics about error 80010514, but I have a different situation.
    Here is my case:
    I have a video store, and I rent games too.
    At this time, I own 121 different PS3 games, and 42 of them do not work. They are unscratched, and they look like new.

    When I put a game in a PS3 console, (3.15 most of them), it starts reading it for about five seconds, and then I get a message with error code 80010514. When I press O, it goes back to the first screen and I can see the graphics of this game, but if I press start again, the same error 80010514 pops in the screen. It never starts making the installation. Of course these consoles are working with other games.

    I tried them on two or three different consoles, and even at the playstation service store, where they putted some games on a good console, and told me that these games are damaged, but they couldn't tell me why.

    At first, they all were working fine, but suddenly one by one was stopping.
    These games were rented from several customers, some of them only twice, and there is no way that anyone did something to them because I checked the last ones and they didn't much at all. I even looked with a magnifying lens, but I saw nothing.

    I see all those different things mentioned by many people having 80010514 problem, but in most cases their machine had some kind of problem. Why do I have a game problem? Why games been played for sometimes suddenly do not play anywhere at all?

    How can a disc change its structure? Isn
  • which console you have
    did you update there was a problem with the fat ps3
  • I check these games on a 40Gb console, not a new one. This is not mine, a friend has it.
    At the time I checked all of my games it was running version 3.15 Now I'm not sure. But I checked some games to another customer of mine, and some other games on Sony service.
    I am convinced that these game do not play anywhere at all.
    Today I had one more incident. The game was the same old 80010514 problem, (on Ferrari challenge by the way), and that customer told me that it is the second time he had his machine damaged by games from my shop, and that he has no problem if he rent elsewhere. He thinks that the games I have, have a different area code, and this is damaging his machine. I wait him to come (I hope he will), so I can show him some invoices in order to convince him that I buy my games from local market or legal representative. But no matter what, I don't think he is going to come again.
    As you see it is getting serious for me, and I live in a 40.000 people village. I can't have people saying beware of this shop.
    Thank you for your patience.
  • You may want to do an update to the latest firmware (version 3.30) and then test the games again. pat of it may be from not having the latest firmware version on the system (if your customer comes back again ask him about this as well).

    In the end, however, you may need to contact Sony themselves and see if they can figure something out. I have never had problems with games, whether they be imported or for my own area.
  • I did an update on two working consoles, and I also did a full format and system restore to one of them.

    In the last ten days I'm constantly in contact with 23 different game providers, that I have damaged games .

    Also the latest news, after I checked all of my discs, is that now I have 128 different PS3 games, and 83 of them do not work. Between them I have four discs that were never rented!@!!!
    I got no satisfying answer from all those game providers, till now, except giving more information, or this is not our fault contact Sony, try another console, give them back to where you bought them, we do not sell games, etc. And no nothing from Sony yet. I'll keep you informed.
    Also I desperately tried to convince someone of these 23 game providers, to send them a couple of games in order to tell me what's wrong on them (with my expenses on everything), but nobody accepted it yet.

    One thing I made different is that I bought a new labeling machine, and now I changed all of my old stickers with the new ones. They are much smaller, and made of P.P. instead of paper. If that was the case I will know on 2011 for sure, as I'll wait and see the new titles I ordered if they last or not.

    Thank you for your time.
  • Old sticker:

    New sticker:
  • Well after all these months, the answer came to me unexpectedly.
    I had some complains for Blu-Ray discs, and I found a couple of them not working.
    Looking carefully, there was a light discoloration on them. They were darker to some points, and some discs (I checked a lot) had this darkening at a square shape.
    I also noticed that PS3 discs from the discs I withdraw had a little bit of strange color.
    So I tried finding where this square is, and in no time I found some Blu-Ray discs that were never rented, with the same mark at exactly the same spot oriented as my disc sleeve is.
    And finally I got my answer.
    As you see my disc sleeves have a white pad inside in order to protect DVD’s from scratching. This is my problem. This same pad is destroying my Blu-Ray and PS3 discs and has no problem with DVD’s.
    I’m posting this because someone might find this helpful. I can’t get my damage undone, but I hope this stop right now because I removed all of these white pads.

    Do you think it was the glue or the material causing that problem?

    Thank you everyone.
  • Problem solved !!!