PSN frequent drop outs
  • Sorry to add a new thread - others seem to have dried up?

    Same old story - unstable PSN with drop outs ranging from DNS errors to other more obscure ones.

    PS3 is hard wired by ethernet cable to Belkin N+ F5D8635 modem router. I've opened the recommended router ports, the PS3 IP address is reserved for the PS3 in the router and leasing is permanent. I've enabled router priority to multimedia, set the router to G only, the PS3 is in the DMZ, and I've tried UPnP on and off. Also, PS3's media streaming thingy is off. An Xbox 360 is also ethernet wired, have laptops etc. They are all OK. The router seems stable. DNS on PS3 is set to the two public ones recommended. When connected to PSN - the connection is good and fast. Then it drops after a varied amount of time. Only way to reconnect is to restart PS3.

    I've searched and searched for any advice on stabilising the connection and that's why I've done the above. Even on these forums can't pin down something else to check. Short of ditching the router - any other ideas please?

    If I ditch the router - what's the best router for console + laptop use mix?


  • The problem may actually be those "public" DNS servers you are using. The servers should actually be the ones that show in your router settings as these are what your ISP gives.
  • Many thanks for your advice. I'll try changing them but I originally tried using my ISPs DNS servers and had dropouts. However, I know I've made other alterations since then so no harm in having a go! I'll let you know how I get on.

    Thanks and regards, Clive.
  • Hi Again

    Well, I tried that but I still get the drop outs. Sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after 20 or more. I've even directly put my ISP's provided DNS addresses into the PS3 set up - normally it will look at my router as the source of the DNS.

    I have come across the suggestion the MTU might be a cause - my ISP recommends 1485 and my router auto-recommended 1432 while gathering info from the ISP. I let the router do its own thing. Is this a red herring or should I experiment here?

    Any suggestions most welcome! Meanwhile, gathering firewood for a router bonfire... :huh:

    Thank you,

  • Well, Lyndon M, - I'd ask for more help but my venerable PS3 appears to be dying with games freezing on loading, and a blu-ray sampler disk (used only 3 times and in mint condition) returning 80029906 error.

    Looks like my laser's gone. :(

    Going to get a box of tissues....