Madden 07 problem
  • i was playing Madden 07 on PS2 and i was saving s superstar file
    then the game went to the main menu and i tried to load it but
    all it said on the file was ??? and corrupt. i took out the game and tried to
    delete the superstar file on my max memory 64 MB memory card. All it said was
    no data and i had about 16,000 KB of other files from other games on it. i tried
    several games and ironically NBA Live 06 works with my franchise on it working
    fine. i have several questions. can i fix my memory card and recover my
    lost files. does this count as a defect enough for me to be able to return
    Madden 07 and get a refund. why does NBA Live files work fine.
    it there a simple answer. someone reply asap. Thanks.
  • Usually this sort of thing is the fault of the memory card, not the game. You most likely will not be able to get any sort of refund on the game.

    As for the files themselves, they are gone. No choice but to start over, I'm afraid.
  • why does everybody say its the memory card's fault? The 64MB memory card had worked fine for 2 years before i got Madden 07. I would get another one and just avoid Madden 07. Oh and I got a refund on Madden 07.
    I found ways to recover the data on it. And if that doesn't work. i can just
    use a vacuum cleaner to fix it.
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