• I am stupid i know but please help.... when starting my ps3 under game section it was only saying corrupt data and could not start game...so i hit traingle and delete now no option there at all game wont auto start........ any ideas????
  • Ok, first off, is this with a disc- based game or are you trying to start a downloaded title from the store? Auto Start is normally just associated with the disc titles.
  • hi,its disc based....main menu pops up all the game section appears ...saved data etc etc but no game icon
  • This should be a simple matter of going in to the Settings menu to System Settings. In here is the option to turn the game disc auto start on and off. If you want the game to start when you put it in just turn this on.

    There should be no reason for the disc icon to not show otherwise. However, you may need to go into the Game Data folder and remove the data for the game that is doing this on you (won't affect your progress) then let the system re-install the data it needs from the disc.
  • ok thanks for taking your time here, tried games and a music cd and no icon appearing for the cd either....i have also tried the autooption you put above