PlayStation SCPH-5501
  • Help please,
    Every time I try to play FFIX the PSX gets hot after like 15 minutes, and the game glitches and then freezes. How do I fix this? What causes it? Is my game bad? It happens on Disc 1, only had it a week, Girlfriend bought it off Amazon new for my birthday.
  • Safe to say it would be something in the PSOne itself and not the disc- maybe your cooling fan is not working properly in the system.
  • where is the cooling fan in this model?
  • Dude, look it up, the SCPH 5501 is the old bulky Playstation, no cooling fan, just a motherboard, a side board, a laser disc reader, and a controller port assembly.
  • you will have to play it opened half cover in proper temperature a little cooler ventilated place then it will not freeze or hang no need to do any thing in that model
    scph 5501 dont touch RV703 nasty pot .!!!