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    My son is stuck on level 2 - he's trying to get r2 d2- how does he do it?
  • This info starts off from the point where you enter the sandcrawler.

    Build the Protocol Droid Lock panel on the ground where you start; you'll be
    coming back to this shortly. Head to the right and destroy the grey
    generators, then build a Droid out of the Lego blocks you uncover in this
    manner to receive a lot of Studs. Along the walls, any sections with flashing
    red lights can be struck twice to give you some Studs. Around the first
    corner, destroy the orange ladders along both sides of the hallway, then use
    the Force on each wheel to release some Studs. Once you've activated all of
    them, the pods holding the Blue Studs at the end open up. Continue to the next

    In here, go around and destroy the grey Lego cylinders and the wall panels with
    flashing red lights, and build three Droids out of piles of Lego blocks, all to
    receive some Studs and clear a little space. Now, pull the lever along the
    back wall; this brings out a movable block. Push it along the brown tracks in
    the floor. Whenever you reach a flashing red panel in the ground, the block
    will explode, destroying the nearest orange barrier, and letting you reach
    whatever was behind it. You can then pull the lever again to receive another
    movable block. On the right side of the room, you can get a Minikit canister
    in this way. On the left side, blow away all three barriers in turn to receive
    some Blue Studs and to free R2-D2. Note that once you free R2-D2, the Jawa
    will sometimes run up to him and temporarily deactivate him. To avoid this,
    you can stun the Jawa when you see him coming by using the Force on him, or you
    can kill him outright. If R2 is stunned, just wait a moment and he'll spring
    back. Have R2-D2 operate the Astromech Droid Lock on the back wall, then enter
    the elevator that this opens.
  • the mini kit detector points to where the minikits are in the level,just follow it
  • My 7 year old is stuck on the part in level 4 where you drop the storm troopers one by one via the crane. It showed 10 of 10 then they just kept coming out. How or when does this end?
  • The troopers will just keep coming- dropping 10 of them down the hole is what make the hidden minikit container appear. Once it does grab it with the crane to add to your collection then head back out to the main hall.

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